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Hi, I got this problem the first time. C4d 2023 - m2 MacBook Pro with Ventura. these are the things why I hate subscriptions... need to finish a job for a client and now this. Does anybody have a solution? best, jens

Just to be sure, you did already send in a ticket to ? Always do that first, before posting on the forum, as that will be the main source of help for licensing and installation issues, and when you don't want to delay getting a response, getting that ticket in first is key.

I did, but hoped anybody in here had the same situation and had a solution.

Great! And sure, once a ticket is in, no harm in posting here too, just in case you get a faster reply here. Sorry I don't have any suggestions or answers of course, outside of my realm unfortunately :(

Thank you Tom. Sadly there is no one getting back for me and my client is threatens me with a penalty now. this is just bad... I wish the old times back where you could just use a serial.


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