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Chaos scatter noise distribution issue

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Hi albertoiuav,
Could you please also share your computer specs? (CPU model, installed RAM, graphics card model and video memory)
Kind regards.

Hi All and thank you for your reply.
Attached you can find a very basic scene (Sorry but I haven't managed to make the video yet).

If i start the interactive render and try, for example, to change the seed of the noise, already it is beginning to slow down.
If I obviously try to do it with a more complex scene (e.g., trees, bushes, etc.), it becomes super slow.

We have different workstations in the office but for this test i used this one with Cinema 4d R25 and Corona 9 Hotfix 1:

- 3970X 32 core
- 128 gb of ram
- 2x Nvidia quadro A5000 34gb Vram
- Windows 10 professional

Thank you so much

* sorry, i mean 24gb of Vram

Hi there, I'm not getting any issues here at all when changing the seed. And my PC is not the best at all. In fact, it's a dinosaur. What happens if you change the viewport display in the scatter to wire box or dots or even turn off immediate updates?

I am not sure what you mean by IR  slowing down - in your test scene, if I change the seed, sometimes it takes about 4 to 5 seconds for IR to refresh to show the new results (while the new scattering is shown pretty much straight away in the viewport), and when IR does update it shows it is already at pass 4. Is that what you mean by slowdown, the reparsing of the scene?


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