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Chaos scatter noise distribution issue

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Hi all,

i noticed that using chaos scatter with cinema 4d have big issue when i try to put a procedural noise inside distribution.
The interactive render slows down a lot and it becomes impossible to work with even a single scatter.
Doing the same test in 3dmax works perfectly without any problem.

This forces me to use only splines as a "random" distribution method but it slows down the workflow a lot.
The random distribution becomes very practical and fast to create a good base on which to then work in more detail.
Unfortunately, in Cinema 4d it is not possible for me to do this.
I have already tried it even on empty scenes with a simple plane and cubes.
On all workstations in the studio there is the same problem and it is definitely not due to the hardware.

Does anyone else have the same problem?
Thank you very much

I scattered small cubes onto a large cube with default parameters, with Noise in the scatter distribution, and IR and viewport performance was fine. Could you share a scene that is a problem for you (in case it is some sort of specific noise type), and perhaps a video or something to show the problem you are running into?

Oh also the ever necessary version of C4D, OS, OS version, and version of Corona ;)

Same here, just checked it and all is ok.

maybe check that the noise is in UV mode?


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