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normal tag issue with corona render

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hello there,

im having a issue with a .STEP file importing it to c4d
when i try to render i get these hard lines from the faces.
when i use the physical render i get the result seen in the image on the left
when i use corona render i get the result seen on the right.

i try different import settings but i never get rid of these wrong faces.

i hope someone can help me with this one, i search google already but could not find a solution.

thank you in advance

I suspect shadow terminator handler being the issue here. Hopefully some C4D user can tell you where to find the property and how to turn it off.

I did read about that terminator thing. But it was a topic from 2019. There was no solution in that post.

Do you know if this could work? To convert it from max with that terminator thing. Export it as a fbx and then bring it to c4d?

The shadow terminator handler is a useful Corona feature, that unfortunately doesn't work well with explicit normals. You need to turn it off in render settings and see if that will help with your object. No need to export to FBX and import back - doing so you will likely destroy existing normals and then it will be nearly impossible to render your object clean in any program. I can't tell you where the terminator handling is located in C4D since i'm 3ds Max user, but someone from the community should be able to help you with this.

thank you for the the information.
i did found another topic related:

here it told me to enable development settings for corona ( in the preference menu ) and then set shadow shift to 1.
it fixes the issue for me.

thank you for the help


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