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How to avoid white border in Corona Renderer?

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Hi all

I do get at Corona Renderer when using alpha channel (PNG) a white border after rendering.

I did watch some videos which mentioned in the render setting to select "direct visibility override".... but it doesn't help.

Any ideas?

Many thanks



--- Quote from: Schlee on 2022-06-11, 11:56:00 ---Any ideas?
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If this static, then Photoshop has this technique:
Ctrl+click by layer > Invert selection - Ctrl+Shift+I > press 2-3 times Del.

Straight Alpha... ?

Hi and Thanks

@aler, this is a solution, but it looks after that it looks very pixelated.

@burnin, I have selected "Straight Alpha" in the render setting now, but I still see the white border. Do I have to consider something else?

Is there not a out of the box solution for this problem in Corona renderer?

many thanks


It's not a corona thing, its a C4D thing, saving out transparent PNGs out of the picture viewer is a very hit and miss thing. Just add the alpha as a render layer and then make it transparent in post.


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