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3DRnB Corona Fabric Shaders

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Hey Sirio,

Just bought your library, very good shaders! and exhaustive combinations, i can only say this is very good stuff you've put in this release.



Thanks a lot;)

Here are a couple images from fabio81, one of our betatesters.
We can only share some crops of this master bedroom but the full size render is really beautiful ;)
I've also included the color palette:


the best library of substances I've seen!

But I have problems with the last daily build(Daily Build 2020-06-11). For example, Leather suede freezes each time it is opened. It's a Corona daily build issue, but I couldn't reproduce this bug.


Hi koubankeo:) if you find any issue with daily build please report the problem to developers, this will help them to solve it for the final release. For the leather suede we have used the native Corona bitmap loader(it was working fine on V5 but maybe V6 daily build have problems), you can check if using the standard bitmap works.
Let me know if this help;)


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