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Team render and licences

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We have 5 x FairSaas +3 node licences that are being used in C4D R20 on a number of Macs, and also have a number of spare macs that have team render client installed on them that are used for ad hoc rendering (the more spare machines we have, the more are used for team render)

I've installed the licence server on a PC on the network, but no matter what I do I can't seem to get the render nodes to activate properly. I think that we're supposed to have 15 available render licence (5 licences x 3 nodes?). They just show up with 'No Licence Loaded' in the Team Render Client console.

The only work around I have has been to open c4d on the team render machines and activate the 45 day licence. This isn't really sustainable. Can anyone help?

Hi! I suggest using the Licensing Server:

Let us know if this solves your issue!

Oh, and please, don't double-post. :-( I already deleted your second post.

Ah - Sorry for the double post. I posted in the wrong place and couldn't see how to delete it.

I can't get the licence server to work at all - it's installed but the render nodes won't see it. The licence server is running on the same subnet as the render nodes, and the ports are open. What else do I need to do? I can't seem to find a way to troubleshoot it.

Does it work if you run the license server on the same machine with the client? Does it work when you turn the firewall off on both computers? Note that you need to open ports for both sides of the communication - the Licensing server itself AND the Team render client app.

Ok. So If I install c4d render client and corona on the licence server, it works (so the licence server can communicate with the internet)

Even if I disable the firewall on the corona licence server (on a PC), it still doesn't work on the Mac clients (which are not using a firewall). What do you mean by 'open ports'? If I'm not using a firewall on either, this means that the ports are all open, yes?

Very confused as to why this isn't working.


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