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Team Rederer gone weird...


Hi Forum,

I am having trouble with my two other Macs TR. On my MacBook Pro I am working on keeps showing 2 nodes running even if I have 3. Then it drops to 1 node. Some times it lists all 3 but all others are idle. What the hell is going on??? HELP! 🙏😳😳 PS: All 3 Macs are running the latest hot fix. If I restart clients they pick up but then drop out after a while.

Can you monitor your network to really see  how much and what's transferring in real time?
What is Mac TR?

Hi burnnin!

Mac TR (Team Render). I never used to have this problem. Will check my network but it makes me think it. is software related as it is randomly showing how many nodes are running 🤔

Oh, I thought those were abbreviations for Mac "hackintosh" ThreadRippers ;) which could explain it.

I am switching to PC soon and joining the fast lane finally LOL! :-) Have a good weekend 😎👍


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