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displacement question


Here`s what I`m trying to do: I have a displacement map applied via planar projection onto an object, so this will be material (A).

On the same object I want to apply a second material (B) via cubic projection, this material will have color, reflection and bump textures.

I`ve tried everything I could think of, stacking the materials does not work and neither combining them in a layer material.

So to summarize, is there a way to have 2 separate materials (with different material tags, projections types etc) applied to a single object, the first material will generate the displacement and the second will have every other parameter?

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think you can do that with only one material.
You should use the "Projector" shader (under Effects>Projector in the shader menu) and set it to the projection of your choice for the maps.

thanks for the reply, the projector shader seems to have no effect at all, should it be overriding the projection mode in the material tag? I think I'm missing something because I can`t get it to work in standard Cinema materials either

update: figured it out, I`m using a Layer shader with a Projector and Gradient to mask it, if I'm not mistaken the material tag needs have tiling enabled regardless, this can be disabled within the projector shader but because it creates distortions outside of the projected area, it`s necessary to mask it with the gradient

update 2: the bump channel doesn`t work with projector shaders for some reason

I don't use it really often but it might be a bug, maybe try to report it in the bug section?

You could simply post results marked with notes, here (images). Preferably, a  test scene (faster to solve).


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