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Holographic Foil (e.g. holographic sticker) C4D r20

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Hey hey, I am exploring holographic foil as a 100% procedural Corona shader and wondered if anyone here has been through the process already and could help me with the best way of setting this up? 

Super many thanks in advance! ...and I hope this thread will be useful in the future for anyone else here working on packaging etc.

Could you post some real life reference? I am sure there is a loooot of different holographic foil types.

I would assume something like this perhaps.

Could be a good job for the thin film shader. ;)

Hiyarr, so I thought I'd take it a step further and go for a holographic effect like here:

I understand that I needed to use some fresnel and alpha magic - I'll do some tests in a bit and will post results if anything will go according to plan haha

In the meantime, if you have pointers to how to go about it, I'll be checking in in-between my session inside C4D.

Mix Thin Film with desired Texture for Iridescent effect (Iridescent color is controlled by gray scale image - darker = thicker).
Make two and Layer them together using Fresnel for masking (to get this "contra" effect, one is positive & other negative).


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