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HDRI as Backplate


Hey Folks,

i have a quick question. That you hopefully can help me with.

In a current Project (ArchViz) iam using a HDRI as a Backplate.

Its plugged in the Corona Sky and is visible only for the camera.

So far so good.

But I need to make a lot of Single Shots along on one side of my Balcony.

In the single frames the Sky Object is not moving along with the camera properly.

How can I achieve a seamless transition from shot to shot.

I tried to use the HDRI as a normal C4D Backplate but this doesn't look right (just flat).

I I could also mask the sky in the scene afterwards in PS but I'am curious now.

Thanks for your Help


PS: The Project is very big so I uploaded these Attachments to help you understand.

Not sure what your expectation for “the Sky Object is not moving along with the camera properly” is, but that should not be your main concern.
I would be more worried about the astroid hurtling towards earth, headed straight for your balcony.
Since it’s as bright as the sun, it’s burning up in the atmosphere and probably too close for you to make it to a safe place in time.
Sorry, I couldn’t be more helpful.


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