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Many lights, different approaches

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Hi, I made a small comparison between different techniques of placing many lights in scene (1600 here). Surprisingly there isn't much difference between time and quality of each approach. I'd like to see some other examples of such tests or read suggestions on creating another test scene that would significantly show when to use what. :)

This is because of how your scene looks like. If you would increase spacing for example 5 times, you would get more different results.

Alex Abarca:
Hi Maru, would it be significant in your test to add walls around the model. This is interesting

Ok, will increase spacing and will add some GI hardcore.

I do a lot of open plan hotel layout renders, often requiring hundreds of lamps / down-lights / strip lights e.t.c (rendered as night shots, so the lights are the main source of illumination) so this would be really useful for me in nailing the right setup.


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