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How to create specturm effect like in octane render


Hi everyone,

I've tried to reach the same result that is in the attachment, but as you can see on the image, the result was so liquified and it's like a cover of liquid is above the main body of the character and it has this feeling that there is a sticky substance on the body.

So if you can help me to reach the same result knowing that the instructor in this video has done that with only one material. No duplicate for the body object! no using maps of anything related to the selection only using the material.

So.. Thanks in advance.

Nejc Kilar:

I'm a little bit unsure what exactly you are trying to replicate but anything body related my first approach would be to create a Physical MTL, turn on some SSS / Volume and then put a clearcoat on top of it for that "wet" look. Obviously you'd need to play around with finding the right values and applying the right dirt maps but that's how I'd approach the body. Looks very much doable to me unless I'm missing something :)

Thank you so much for your help, I actually activated SSS and it works a alot but still that glossy wety shape didn't went well using corona.
You said something about "Physical MTL" I want to know more about it, because I looked it and all the tutorials I found was applied on AutoDesk
Also I looked for "Coat material" and I didn't find tutorials either related to Cinema 4d it's only related to AutoDesk moreover I found that it's a new feature in Corona 7 knowing that I'm using version 6

If using Corona 6, you'll have to use a layered material to get the wet look - or just download Corona 7, why not? :)

Nejc Kilar:
Glad you've found my first post helpful, SSS seems like the way to go about it indeed!

And if you are using Corona 7 then creating that wet "coat" on your character should be as simple as toggling the "clearcoat" layer in the new Physical MTL to ON. Remember, the "clearcoat" property basically simulates a "coat" of clear (refractive) and also reflective matter on your material. So if that material is "water" and it's really not too thick then that's how I'd approach it - with the "clearcoat".


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