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yes, to 5% noises

Please do not use noise limit for performance tests like this.
There are two ways you can measure performance:

Use the same scene on computer A and B.
Set a specific pass limit (for example 50 passes).
Let it render for 50 passes on computer A and B.
Compare the resulting render times. The computer with shorter render time has better performance.

Use the same scene on computer A and B.
Start rendering and observe the ray/s value in the Stats tab of the VFB.
The computer with higher rays/s value has better performance.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Caustics Multiplier
« on: Today at 13:41:38 »
Are you interested in a multiplier for caustics intensity (making caustics brighter or fainter) or in a multiplier for the number of photons (making caustics appear with better quality faster)?

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Tonemapping & Maxscript
« on: Yesterday at 10:05:04 »
After exchanging some thoughts between the teams, here is a list of items logged as feature requests for our dev/QA teams to review:

"Provide a way to remove all tone mapping operators via maxscript"
(Internal ID=1045248610)

"Maxscript access to VFB tone mapping "save" and "load" options"
(Internal ID=1007269616)

"Improve tone mapping operator ID handling via maxscript"
(Internal ID=1046008808)

"Manage tone mapping operators in a similar way as render elements"
(Internal ID=1045373741)

"Change various VFB settings via maxscript"
(Internal ID=540083079)

All these items are linked with this forum thread, so once there are any updates, we will let you know here.

Can you share a screenshot of your VFB Stats tab like Beanz did?

no, but redndering on old Rysen 7 5800 - 30 Min, on new  i7 12700k - up to 50 min for the same

How exactly are you measuring this? Are you rendering the same scene with a specific time limit, pass limit, noise limit, looking at rays/s, or maybe something else?

The differences between the Legacy and Physical Mtl are expected. The Physical Mtl is more physically-correct. For example, it always has some reflectivity, like all materials in real life. It also has some bugfixes and other improvements compared to the Legacy Mtl.
But... if you don't like it, you can still use the Legacy Mtl - it will render just fine.

About parsing - my first question would be: how exactly are your assets loaded into your scene? Are they proxies or geometry directly in the scene? If they are proxies, or if they are loaded from some external location some other way, are they by any chance placed on a network drive or some other kind of shared folder? Google Drive? Dropbox?

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Max extremely slow to close
« on: 2023-01-26, 11:14:01 »
I haven't noticed this when working with simple tests scenes (few objects + few materials) or with user-submitted scenes (some are multiple GB in size with hundreds of materials).
If you wish, you can send us a sample scene and we can check if the same thing happens on our end:

Romullus, this is actually a super interesting trick! We will add it to our Normal map guides. :)

The washed out render looks very wrong. Are you using some kind of clamping effect? Try going to Render Setup > Scene and clicking "Reset settings" - this will reset all your render settings to defaults.
Also please check this message from Aram about the simple vs photographic exposure:

I am attaching two examples made with Multimap in Object GBuffer ID mode: monitors (changing displayed image through object properties - per object, works with instances) and lamp on/off.
My question is: How is this less flexible / less convenient / causes some errors compared to using the requested user properties method?

Note: you do not have to open the material editor - this was one of the arguments in this thread.

So far nobody answered my questions from :)

Guys, you miss the best part  - the flexibility in the scene of being able to use the same material hierarki  and being able to switch instances on / off or give a color value or something.
Again, these are just some vague terms like "flexibility". What flexibility? In what exact case? How is the new idea more flexible than the old one?
"give a color value or something" - that's not a very convincing argument :)

A lamp with a bulb using lightmaterial / glass material in a selectmaterial  - each instance can be switched on and off, without going to the material editior and have two material versions - with the toential risk of having redundancy errors.
Again: "How is right-clicking on an object > selecting properties from the quad menu > going to user-defined > changing some value by typing text more convenient than just opening the material editor?"
(as I asked in
The other solutions posted by Tanner seem completely fine to me.

- or a monitor where you have 10 different content maps, where you can switch the content per monitor instance  - without having to go to the Material Editor. ( and yes, I know you could just amke a multisub with the individual screen content as a material  - but then again, you have to have redundant materials. )
Once again, this was already mentioned at least twice, by me and Tanner: you can use one material with Corona Multimap in Object GBuffer ID mode for this. You only need 1 material in this case. You do not need to set up more materials. You only need to load multiple bitmaps into a Multimap, that's all.

The red thread in this is to simplify hierkies and workflows  - and by making the Userproperty more versatile - (and not only on Select XX ) I believe you could have an easier life :)
And once again: how is using user property instead of other available tools such as multimap or select map more flexible/versatile? How exactly does it make one's life easier?

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Lightmix
« on: 2023-01-25, 17:55:22 »
Sorry, but I don't understand your message. Can you please try rewording it? Maybe posting some screenshots would help?

Specifically, I don't get these parts:

in order to include new lights only re render and stop recreating them with the script

it would be very practical if you could updte all of this stoping the render and render again, this is something that happen in Vray

That sounds like a 3ds Max issue. All (almost all?) file saving is handled by 3ds Max.

Corona also has its own autosave system (Render Setup > System > System settings) - this can be helpful when dealing with deadlines and risk of losing progress/overwriting.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: VFB with Cryptomatte
« on: 2023-01-25, 17:31:16 »
Hi there,

1 request per thread plz ;)

- "redesign the VFB" - yes, we are planning to do this - please see the note at

- "integer Cryptomatte masks directly" - can you explain what exactly you mean by that? what is the typical use case?

-  "in some release candidate you have include Cryptomatte Material, but in the final release it was missing, this mask is the most useful" - what exactly do you mean by Cryptomatte Material?

- comparing images with different resolutions - we have this logged as a feature request

This is fixed in the newest daily build. If possible, please try it and let me know here if everything is working fine for you (but please do bare in mind all the risks of using daily builds) -

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