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I did some displacement tests on Emily.
I can render the image up to 1200px. When I try to render with a higher resolution 3dsmax crashes after a minute or two. I can't see any artifacts or difference when I enable/disable Adaptive.

I thought it was weird that my PC couldn't render the image larger then 1200px, so I fired up V-Ray. In V-Ray I can render the image with 12 000px just fine. But when the image size gets above 6000px, V-Ray begin to cache to the HDD. (I only have 16GB ram on this particular PC).

The problem with Corona is that it caps my RAM when calculating displacement, before the render begins. Corona is using 12GB RAM when calculating displacement, and then 6GB RAM when rendering. While V-Ray has the same 6GB RAM usage throughout the whole process.

I have uploaded some comparison pictures and CPU/RAM overview if people are interested. This is not a who is best comparison.
The V-Ray render is 0.5px displacement, and the Corona is 0.8px because it crashed on lower settings.

Removing of Max subdivs seems very strange indeed. Unless there'll be a better alternative to tame down hungry displacement. Increase in RAM usage during displacement calculation phase, makes displacement much less capable then it could be, i hope it'll be fixed.

Anyway did some comparison with old displacement. It seems like RAM usage is more or less the same (except big spike during calc phase). Processing time is noticeable longer. Displacement quality... well, that's quite interesting. At low settings it seems like new displacement does a lot better job - artifact free and smooth result. But at higher settings i prefer old one more. New displacement strugles to produce nice crisp result. But those impressions are based on one scene, so things may change after more testing :]

Here's some gifs:





Edit: fixed links

the new displacement filters textures - try disabling texture filtering to see if the results change

OMG, you're right. Disabled filtering and results totally rocks! New displacement needs so much less polygons to render same quality in comparison with old one, it's just ridiculous. Now if that RAM usage spike could be fixed...

BTW, what about CoronaDisplacementModifier? Can someone explain me why it's needed?

Ludvik Koutny:
I think the parsing should be fixed as well. In case it's not possible to get back to old parsing speed, then i would at least prefer to have option to choose between new and old displacement. While old one had breaking edges and no adaptivity, it did not take ages to parse. For something like dirt ground where you don't need adaptivity and don't need to have separate smoothing group, old one was significantly better.


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