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Hey guys,

in order to add adaptivity, filtering and "keep edges together" features to our displacement we had to completely redo it's implementation. It would be awesome if you could give it a shot and give us some feedback on it, so that we can fix all the potential bugs before the official release of 1.2.



Just got my hands on this huge new build. Did a couple quick tests with new displacement. Very first impressions:

* it has issues with bercon noise.
* looks like adaptive mode gives inferior results in comparison with non adaptive
Overall, adaptivity looks mighty impressive.

p.s. since i have no experience with vray, i have no clue what's a purpose of CoronaDisplacementModifier. When should i use it?

Loaded recent scene with not so heavy displacement and new build just run out of memory, whereas older build has no problem at all. But i guess it should go to mantis, right?

Edit: increased displacement screen size from 1 to 2.5 to get approx the same amount of pollys as in older build and scene renders fine. New displacement gives a lot cleaner result in that particular scene! Unfortunately seems like max subdivs per poly isn't working at all.

yes, max subdivs is not working and will be removed. please report crashes in mantis ;))

May I ask why not? What is determining subdivisions in the new algorithm? If i plug in a very noisy displacement map I easily make adaptivity useless, thus producing lots of faces.


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