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Post-1.0 Daily builds changelog

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New thread for post-1.0 daily builds


* Changed the VFB sidebar to be on by default
* Possibly fixed some of the hangups on scene parsing. Testing will be necessary to see if there are still any problems left


* Fixed assert in wxwidgets on corona startup,7154.0.html
* Fixed crash when displaying CoronaColor in viewport,7180.0.html
* Updated LicensingServer - it is now a Win32 application that will run on x86 Vista+ OS. It now has optional -n command line switch that will cause it not to display any UI. It also does not requre any DLLs to run

Added support for Windows Vista. Embree used some win7-only functions, that I forgot to remove. Again ;)

Bugfix in DR server, fixes the problem where rendering multiple frames using the frame list (instead of frame range) caused nodes to render only the first frame in the sequence

Fixed some random crashes on 3ds Max startup


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