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Here is an adaptation of VrayAutomator for Corona

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Hi every one,
I've updated this script, there is a lot of new features and it is now compatible with corona 10 and 3dsmax 2024.
you can now create some instanced controlers to your triplanars or to your uvw randomize nodes.
it has a material from folder option that automaticaly creates materials from an image folder, you can generate PBR materials automaticaly but it can also create simplier materials, with an option to create opacity from the PNG alpha or from an external black and white mask image, it just need to has "_mask" at the end of its name.
It will be too long to describe every option just check it for yourself, it is a powerfull tool to automate material creation and tweaking and it' free :)

New Update!!!
A lot of new features, you can now target material ID, the UI is now composed of three Tabs, the first Tab is focused on material, the second on Camera and  the third on Lights, most lights and camera settings can now be applied accross multiple objects. there is also some tools for lights and cameras, you can scatter lights, reinstance lights, set light target z position without changing light orientation, there is also a target distance offset that behave like the camera target distance. For Camera,you can convert Standard and Physical Camera to Corona Camera, there is an option to fix sketchup Imported Camera Field of view,  you can convert multiple static cameras to an animated camera, the camera will be animated depending on the cameras names, you can also do the opposite, converting an animated camera to multiple static cameras. There is also an automatic turnaround setup and a camera to path option to create a camera animation based on a path. you can also create static camera based on camera created with the above functions, it is quite handy to create cameras around an object.there is also an AutoFocus, the build-in object focus in camera works on object center , it is not well suited if you need to focus on a ground floor or any big object, the interactiv autofocus works only on picked object and is suited for static camera, for animated camera there is a bake focus option that will work on all displayed objects and will create animation keys on each frames, it also works on animated surfaces if it is not working , add an editpoly modifier to the animated objects.

Hello Simon Bourgeois,
Thanks for the script!

A small suggestion from me:
Is it possible to add an additional checkbox for selections?
Right now, it works on selected objects and material ID's, which cause limited functionality, especially if some material ID has CoronaLayeredMaterial. If the model is collapsed and consists of many materials in multisub mat- the user need to select id's first.
It would be much more flexible if we had an additional option to choose between selected objects, ID's and selected materials in slate material editor.

Please look at the attachment.

Best regards.

Thanks for the feedback, you are right, it is a good idea, i was already planing to do it but I am currently correcting bugs related to the changes i did when implementing Material Id filtering... i will try to implement the slate material selection filtering option as soon as i can . it is only a little checkbox in the UI but  almost every functions need to be rewritten, it might be a lot of work... :)
link to the latest version:

Best Regards

Hello brr,
I have done the SME selection update, you can find the new version here:
It is a first version of this new feature, for now it targets the selected material nodes,
you can target a material in a layered material or multiple Mat IDs in one action, add randomizer, triplanar, round edges and tweak parameters as in previous version of the script.
In futur updates, i will try to unable the control of colorcorrection nodes at any location of the materials, now it works only for the nodes in first position in the material, i had to restrict to the first node because the new triplanar and randomizer system makes it more difficult to  keep track of nodes but the SME selection could make any node available i just need to rethink the all colorcorrect part of the script... :)

Best Regards


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