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USD Stage object is rendered without smoothing.


3dsMax USD beta has fall back mode for Stage object.
Until Corona supports native rendering of USD Stage. This is a great way to get Stage render support for free. I tested with Corona. But, it is rendering without smoothing like the attached image.

I tested on Scanline, Arnold, FinalRender. All doesn't have this issue. Viewport also shows current smoothing.

You can download the USD file from here.

Renders fine here. I just downloaded USDZ file from your link, unpacked it, imported to a scene and hit render - no modifications were needed for it to work.


I can confirm that this is working fine just out of the box. Also, I noticed that you are using Corona 9. I recommend upgrading to Corona 9 HF 1, as it includes the latest bug fixes and improvements. If there were any bugs in the previous version, they may have already been resolved in the newer one.

Aram Avetisyan:

Do you have any updates here?
It would also be a good idea to "Reset Settings" in Render Settings > Scene tab.


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