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update to Mac OS 13.1 causes many "ula" background notifications

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I just updated to OS 13.1 max os.
Since then I get in the finder contant messages/notifications that ula is running in the background. Unworkable really.
I uninstalled Chaos ula and the problem was gone. No idea what ula does though.

This is clearly a bug that is new and happens with the latest Mac OS 13.1 on my Mac Studio Ultra.

See this issue was already posted before. Anyhow, uninstalling ula solves it.

Yep would be good if the devs would comment if there's any downside to uninstalling - licensing or cosmos I would guess...

The ULA allows Single Sign On for all ULA-integrated Chaos desktop apps. For example, signing in to any of the Chaos applications will automatically log you the user into all other Chaos applications installed on the machine. It comes with the license server but if it is uninstalled it does not affect the function of the license server itself it just means that you will have to login in to each app separately.

So with that in mind is there a plan to fix it vs Ventura 13.1? Thanks


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