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Hello Corona Comunity, I want to share a Scripted Plugin tool to control your HDRI files and backplates within 3Ds max fully.

HDR Total Control for Corona allows you to Set up and control HDRI files and backplates for lighting your scenes with a dedicated, intelligent UI with collapsable menus to avoid interference with your menu workflow.


* Collapsable Menus and dialog...
* Preview HDRI file Easily...*(Base on a pre-built preview image or automate preview generation based on the file exposure info)
* Control your HDRI Exposure, Temperature, Color Saturation... and More
* Rotate, Flip, Change HDR Mapping with Ease...
* Apply Bakcplate, Infinity plane and Shadow Catcher automatically...
* Save and load all options by scene Automaticallly...

Hope you guys like it, any comments, critics, and/or suggestions are more than welcome.

You can find the the utility HERE . If you have any questions you can DM directly in the Forum or you can use the following Contact information.

3ds Max Version: 2014-2022 ---> Max 2023(WIP)
Corona 4 or higher ---> !NEW! Corona 8

Detailed Description:

- HDR Setup
     Load HDRI
     Preview HDRI
     Show HDRI In the viewport
     Clear HDRI (clear any HDRI/Environment Setup in the current 3Ds Max Scene).
     Set Corona Render (Assign Corona Render as current Render engine)
     Set HDR Lighting  (Set up and assign the selected HDRI file to the current scene)

- HDR Settings (Enabled ONLY after load and Setup HDRI file)
   >Intensity Adjustments
          Exposure Control
          Gamma/Shadows Control

   >Color Adjustments
          Temperature Control
          Saturation Control

   >Environment Adjustments
          Model Mapping (Spherical, Dome, Mirrorball)
          Flip/Mirror HDRI
          Rotation (-360 to 360)
          Camera Height (*Dome Mapping ONLY)
          Dome Radius (*Dome Mapping ONLY)

- Backplate Setup
          Load Backplate
          Visible in render ("ON" by default)
          Use in Reflections ("OFF" by default)
          Use in Reflections ("ON" by default)
          Flip/Mirror Backplate
          Infinite Plane (Create infinite Plane with  Shadow Catcher)
          Clear (clear any backplate setup in the scene)
          Set Backplate (assigned the loaded backplate to the scene and render visibility) [/li][/list]


* Improved Performance
* Improved File handling
* Automate HDR_Preview creation
* Improved User Dialogs
* Improved RenderEngine Detection
* Updates cycle validation
* General Bugs Fixes
* Support for 3DsMax 2022

hi, is this plugin capable of aligning coronsun with the sun on the hdri?


--- Quote from: surrealismo on 2021-05-18, 14:39:25 ---hi, is this plugin capable of aligning coronsun with the sun on the hdri?

--- End quote ---

Hello Surealismo,

This option is not integrated into the plugin yet but sounds like a really good Feature for the next update, I would look into this to find the best solution for your request.


absolutely perfect!!!!! thanks

 are you guys planning to get into politics?


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