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3DRnB Corona Fabric Shaders

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--- Quote from: Marvey on 2020-06-04, 23:11:40 ---nice work!

--- End quote ---
Thanks, don't forget to test the free samples;)
We have worked very hard on this, I hope users will appreciate the effort!

We have also recorded a few videos covering library setup, shader usage and more. It will take just a few minutes to see them but they will answer many of your question(set quality to 1080) :

Hi sirio76,

Wow, looking at your post screen grabs, sure looks like you have gone to town on deltail. Good work :-) Will check this out in the morning for sure! John

Thank you John;)

Nejc Kilar:
Pretty cool! I really like the extra videos you've put up too! :)


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