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Hi Everyone :)
we are proud to release our first product for Corona, it's a huge fabric shaders collection and we are already working on more great assets!

The bundle includes:
-over 600 high end fabric shaders for Corona Renderer for Cinema4D
-175 high resolution textures(diffuse, specular, bump, normal, alpha, 16bit displacement, from 3K to 8K)
-chromatic variations of the same shader to choose the one you need without tuning the color
-all the shaders come well organized in .lib4d format for the native C4D Content Browser
-the Content Browser preview includes name, color, tiling dimension, typical usage and tips
-online catalogue(also available for download)

Please visit our product page for more detail, you can also download 10 free sample shaders ;)
Hope you will enjoy and stay tuned for more!

All the shaders inside the native Content Browser have a custom preview tailored for each fabric, most come with many chromatic variations (up to 24).
We have used specific setup depending on characteristics like SSS, transparency etc.


All the materials can be used with both the standard editor and the node editor:

nice work!

Texture size may vary from 3K to 8K depending on the fabric:

Displacement maps are in 16bit for smooth gradient, most have been generated from real geometry or real samples scanned via photogrammetry:


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