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Release Candidate 1 for 1.5 is out now!


Release Candidate 1 for 1.5 is out now!

Everyone with an active FairSaaS or Box with Subscription license has access, and the download is in the usual location,

And the file is Corona_1.5 RC1.exe, as I am sure you will gather :)

The changelog is over at,12436.msg85683 if you want to check in on what has been updated. Please test this as thoroughly as you can, we appreciate your help and feedback in ensuring that 1.5 is as stable as possible.


Has renderers.current.mtlEditor_quality been removed. Seems those system settings are no longer exposed to mxs?

yes, some parameters are now system-wide, saved to a singular .conf instead of the .max file where they could be accessible by maxscript. I hope this isnt a big problem as I imagine people wanting to set the quality to the same value for all scenes

Congratulations Ondra and RL Team ! This is an incredible landmark and a LOT of work done fast ! The 1.5 looks amazing ! :) As usual, BETTER and FASTER. :)

     Thanks a lot for that !

Cool, thanks for as long as those are still available through an .Ini file then that's no problem. Cheers.


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