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The latest daily shipped with new installer that features:

*     Faster typical installation
*     Installs required MSVC redistributables and specific windows updates automatically
*     Can be uninstalled from program files
*     Uninstaller more reliably cleans up all files, directories, and registry entries
*     New picturesPlese let us know if you find any problems or have any other comments about it!

Everything is ok, here =)

Me likes it too. I did choose custom installation rather than typical, because i don't need DR and i want standalone, but nonetheless installation went quicker than with older installer. And no installation of additional magic, which somehow annoyed me everytime :]

No more confusion about extracting and/or installing, very unambiguous now. However I would still default the extraction directory to the installers current directory and not to a new directory in the root of C.

--- Quote from: Ondra on 2016-09-28, 09:23:51 ---[...] or have any other comments about it!

--- End quote ---

And the owl (German: "Eule") picture at the EULA page... :) Is this just a coincidence? IsnĀ“t it "sova"?

Good Luck

I think it would be better to remove the C++ libraries or have it optional. The 1.4 installer resulted in me having to do the C++ fix for error 126 because the installer screwed up my already current libraries. WU is trickier, should be maybe a disclaimer instead and the installer fails/refuses to run if it detects your stuff isn't up to date. Always make it the user who has to update I feel rather than having the installer do it just in case.


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