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Adaptivity intenity slider?

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I had a "lot of problems" with this exacly behavior on a scene with strong DOF/bokeh... The image is clean in like 30-40 min but the Dof is noisy even after 3-4-5 hours... ;(

     This was the Job...
     I was using Corona 1.2 or 3, i canĀ“t remember now... The "solution" was to render the ZDepth with the DOF ON, and then Crank up the Bockeh/Dof on Post... Add more Dof in Post, cleaned up the beauty noise...

In Corona 1.4 the situation is better that v1-2 or v1.3, because the new adaptivity.
But, the new adaptive sampling need more improvement, in my opinion.

im also having the same trouble im not sure if this  a common raytracer problem a small source of light intense  bokeh in glass or metal surfaces 1.3 and 1.4 have the same spot of problems i was thinking 1.4 could resolve this but it did not if i render a crop of the small place it resolves in like 9k passes .

zuliban, did you already try GI  vs AA = 2? Maybe 4 is better, because you have a lot of GI.
But, I'm sure, Corona needs some improvement in this area (adaptive sampling, DOF and bokeh)

i have tried 16, 64, 2 and 4 , i tried this scene in other renders and they fail in the same areas ,corona cleans them faster, so im sure this is a raytracer limitation or issue but at least it cleans with alot of time, i  just don't want to use post dof it looks fake.  but 1.3 cleans them better than 1.4 with bucket mode why not add bucket mode again with the new adaptivity?


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