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Adaptivity intenity slider?

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I agree with you that Corona works better in this situation that other engine. And I think that yes, it's a very difficult problem to solve.
About bucket, I think that was only an experimental stuff
I think he doesn't  support the new adaptivity and some other new features. But I'm not 100% sure.
We must to ask to Ondra why.

Look at my old threads. I think you will find interesting =),1380.msg10247.html#msg10247,1448.msg10795.html#msg10795

 I7 970, 17 minutes, at 640x640, with PTS=2,. too much noise =(
PS: there isn't any denoise.

Bokeh on shiny specular against strong light was always trouble, even in Vray.

I kind of gave up on such situation and just go post-dof : /

Last time I worked with V-Ray was 3 years ago.
So, I don't know if there are some tricks for optimize this scene.
But, I wanted to try the same Progressive method, as in Corona.
Corona did a better job.
PS: in VRay, the metel for the lamp is too glossy. That's why I have less bokeh effect.
But, the goal was to see the noise in the santa.

But, I would like to have some "color threshold", like in the old Corona 1.3 bucket mode.
I prefer more uniform noise (with more noise of course), instead of perfect wall, but so bad noisy bokeh. =)


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