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Adaptivity intenity slider?

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Hi Ondra,

I'm working on a file, with very, very strong DOF and bokeh effect.
After 10 minute, everything is perfect, but on the reflective metal part, the bokeh is SO noisy =(
Maybe, it's interesting to have a slider, a value to make the adaptivity stronger than now.
The default value is good for the 90% of project, I think. But there are situations, where we want more adaptivity.

what do you think?

I don't think there is something as "stronger adaptivity". It is either on or off. You can however change adaptivity recalculation time in devel/debug settings. It is the number of passes after which adaptivity is recalculated. Setting it lower should make adaptivity more precise, but the rendering slightly slower.

You could also experiment with setting this value very high and see how it performs.

Any chance of sharing the scene? :)

In V-Ray, you can chose how much V-Ray can be "adaptive".
I'm talking about a scene with very strong DOF, big and bright bokeh,
I'm using GI vs AA = 2.
Adaptivity recalculation doesn't change nothing.

I cannot share the scene, but this is a test render at 640x640.

At this resolution, with this simple scene and with an i7 970, it's strange that I have so much noise in the bokeh...
Especially, because the rest of the image is good.
If I want a clean bokeh, we need to wait 6-7 hours.
My idea is to have more uniform noise, in case of strong DOF or Motion blur.
Maybe automatically, Corona can do this: strong noisy effects (glossy, dof, Mblur) more adaptivity.

I have already reported something similar on mantis.
Can you try setting adaptivity recalc interval to some higher value? I can see that you are getting 3000+ passes, so I would suggest setting it to 50-100.

 Adaptivity recalc doesn't change a lot the result.
Yes, 3000+ beaucse strong DOF, soe GI vs AA = 4 or 2 ( I don't  remember exaclty)
With GI vs AA = 16 the situation is worse.

but, I know, this is an extreme situation.
for example, this user had a better result without adaptivity...,11994.0/topicseen.html


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