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Daily Builds 1.5

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Daily Builds Eligibility

* Everyone with FairSaaS or Box with Subscription license now has access
* No requests/applications necessary
How to Use Daily Builds

* Get the Corona Universal Installer and install a regular version of Corona first, if you already havent done it already ( and activate the license.
* Go to and download a daily build. They are located in folders named using the date they were created.
* Select the appropriate version. You will need to pick a legacy version if the Corona Universal Installer displayed a warning that it will install a legacy version (this happens on most AMD and old Intel CPUs. All i7/i5/i3 can run the regular, faster version).
* Copy over the 4 files (plugins/Corona201x.dlr, plugins/CoronaUtils201x.dlt,  CoronaLib_Release.dll, and Corona_Release.dll) to your 3ds Max root folder. Make sure that all 4 files overwrite the already present files.If you want to have the Dropbox folder synchronized with your desktop dropbox app, instead of having to access it via web, send your dropbox email to

Daily Builds Changelog
There is a separate topic for that:,7238.0.html

Daily Builds Rules

* USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Daily builds may contain unfinished features and not be stable, may damage your scene, freeze your 3ds Max, make you miss your deadline. Reverting scenes from daily to stable builds might not always be possible! Always make backups of important projects. Use daily builds with caution and common sense.
* NO OBVIOUS-BUG REPORTS IN THIS THREAD/SECTION. To report a bug, use the bug reporting forum section or Mantis bug tracker. Discussion "Is this a bug?" is fine, but if something is clearly broken, please use the appropriate channels.
* NO REPOSTING UNFINISHED FEATURES. Although we do not require signing NDA beforehand, we ask you not to repost info/screenshots/videos on unfinished features outside of Corona website. It could make Corona look unfinished/unstable to outsiders. When in doubt, ask first before reposting.

New thread for 1.5 daily builds. I will wait at least a day after the 1.4 release, but we have this in store:

CoronaBitmap open file dialog

* Work even when rendering in Slate is turned off
* Work when assigning a new bitmap to 3dsMax environment slot
* Fixed: mtl: displayed material in viewport changed by default to the directly visible slot, added option to change which one is displayed
Unchecking casts shadows in object properties now have more consistent effect - same as putting the material in rayswitcher in all but GI slots
Corona materials can now be displayed in viewport directly (max 2012+)
Non-color mapped render elements (world position, normals, velocity, …) are now saved linearly in EXR. This due to 3dsmax limitation also means that for proper saving to LDR the gamma has to be overriden to 1.0 in the file save dialog.
Embree memory usage is now printed into log
Added option to save current render settings as defaults

"Known bugs and limitations" needs a trivial update since 1.4

--- Quote ---Render to texture (texture baking) is not yet supported
--- End quote ---

correct please tooltip for image filter

--- Quote ---CoronaBitmap open file dialog
--- End quote ---
no PSD support?

Any chance for GGX fix in upcoming month ? Would be cool to show that in Utrecht.


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