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DB: 2016-04-21 Renderstamp font changes?


It´s not mentioned in the changelog (yes, maybe part of "Misc UI tweaks"), but the renderstamp font has changed to some antialiased one?

Is there any reason (e.g. a pending size option?). The older (without antialiasing) was muuch better in size and readability.

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it is because we internally switched to rendering the font using WX widgets. It is simpler for us, and can be used on other platforms, such as mac. We can change the font

I also noticed this and think that the old font was way more legible.

If I understand this correctly, it should be possible to use a font which does not need to be antialiased again and use (dabbler googling) wxGraphicsContext::SetAntialiasMode() with wxANTIALIAS_NONE. Then it could be nearly the same result as the previous stamp without losing portability?

If yes, then this is a vote for doing it like this. If not - well, then at least the size could maybe slightly increased?

Thanks and
Good Luck

Thanks for the latest changes, now it´s perfect again.

Good Luck


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