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Chaos Corona for Blender / Blender 2.80 or Corona 2.0?
« on: 2018-06-23, 23:14:43 »
Hey guys, what do you want first?

Support for Blender 2.8

Support for Corona 2.0

Doing 2.80 will get 2.0 compatibility only in 2.80, doing 2.0 now might mean losing support for Corona 1.7 and the Mac version requiring a early version.

However Blender has changed their render engine completely which means it will take me several months to get it working.

This work is for you all so let me know what you need.

Chaos Corona for Blender / Blender Exporter v8.0.0
« on: 2018-04-26, 11:51:28 »
Available to upgrade in Blender settings now or a fresh install from

This is a test version to get it back to working with the latest daily builds on both Windows and MacOS

There is still an issue with textures on MacOS not working and I have a scene crashing Windows and MacOS for now but that is likely my fault.

Same result using latest version or 1.7 hotfix 2

Code: [Select]
Corona Renderer - Standalone, version: 2 DailyBuild Mar 21 2018
(c) Render Legion a.s., 2016
BUILD_DATE: Mar 21 2018 10:42:13, internal color space: Wide RGB

Code: [Select]
/Applications/ -mtlPreview
License info:
Demo license active.
Activated until: 2018-05-02

1.0 100 100 test.png <material class="Native"><diffuse><map class="Texture"><image>texture.jpg</image></map></diffuse></material>^@
ERROR: Fatal error in mtl-XML file: 'STDIN': Texture with file name: 'texture.jpg' not found/not accessible

^@ is the null character, you can enter it using <ctrl>+@ (for me <ctrl>+<shift>+2)
texture.jpg is definitely there and accessible, same issue running as root.

Chaos Corona for Blender / New update mechanism
« on: 2017-07-07, 04:35:42 »
Hi All,

Latest release v7.4.0 includes a new mechanism to update to newer versions.  You will need to go into the user preferences to enable automatic updates and the time it checks for updates.  It is more robust and doesn't require manually downloading the release.  It also performs the version check in the background so should make blender startup a bit faster too.

As usual please let me know if you run into problems.  It is the same core updater that renderman for blender uses.

This now allows me to develop different branches for the different versions of Corona so I will branch for Corona 1.7 and start adding in the new features without breaking compatibility with Corona 1.6 that are available.

Chaos Corona for Blender / v7.0.0
« on: 2017-06-22, 12:39:44 »
Just released a new version that fixes Issue #110

This affects objects that link to the same mesh but have different modifier settings.

It means that some objects may have different output names, but should only affect objects in this specific instance.

Chaos Corona for Blender / [Released] Material Changes
« on: 2017-06-02, 07:18:36 »
Released as 6.0.1

In order to support linking of corona objects (with materials) and copy/paste of objects between .blend files I need to move the corona material nodes into the cycle node tree.  This is the same way that the renderman plugin for blender works currently.

I have 95% of the work complete for this including code to auto migrate the nodes.  However I only have about 10 .blend files to test this process with.

Would anyone be available to test this new feature out over the next week or so before I push it out as the default?

Also any feedback would be appreciated.

I haven't done anything to the layout to ensure the two layouts don't overlap.

Please make a copy of any .blend files before trying this out.

Install as usual, changes to .blend files won't be backwards compatible.

Chaos Corona for Blender / Delays
« on: 2017-05-17, 06:14:06 »
My development machine just died :(, while I didn't lose anything to do with this project, I did lose lots of .blend files, samples, tests etc.

So there will be a delay in any releases for a week or two while I rebuild.

There is now(v5.2.0) support for exporting only modified objects, it needs heavy testing. Also the default is not modified, so opening existing .Blend files might need a full export first!

Let me know if it works for you or if it can be improved.

Chaos Corona for Blender / Blender Exporter v3 released
« on: 2017-01-11, 03:33:21 »
The latest release of the exporter is available:

It requires the latest Corona Standalone too (link available from the above page)

This brings some of the newest features to the standalone thanks to Ondra and the team!

Lookup Tables now work better as does the UHD Cache.

There are new settings for the sun, now the color can be calculated for you based on angle which is awesome!  If your scenes are too bright then turning down the Color Multiplier is required.  The default multiplier will likely change in a new release shortly.

Please raise any bugs you find and I will see what I can do.

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