Author Topic: Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D Beta 2 released  (Read 3760 times)

2018-11-01, 09:04:00


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Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D Beta 2 released
Full details on

Short summary of main changes since Beta 1:

New Additions

  • The Corona Material Node Editor
    • Global view of all materials, revolutionizing how you can work with materials in Cinema 4D
    • Works with native C4D maps and shaders
    • Works with existing materials - no need to create special "node materials"
    • Works with Layer map and Layered shader
    • One map can link to multiple channels, or even multiple materials
    • User defined views so you can organize your materials however you like
    • Works with Cinema 4D R20, R19, R18 - any version that supports Corona
  • Supports Cinema 4D R20
  • Dedicated Hair and Skin materials
  • Added the scene converter for explicit conversion
  • Implicit conversion for many lights and shaders from Cinema 4D and V-Ray
  • UVW Randomizer map
  • Triplanar map
  • Advanced Bokeh effects
  • Reworked motion blur implementation
  • Team Render now supports denoising, and stopping by Time and Noise limits

And of course many, MANY bug fixes!

If you just want to grab it, rather than read about it, head to:

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