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Sure is, I used to use this to do "slicer/cutaway" effects which made surfaces transparent as the camera moved closer. (now, I'd use the Slicer ;) )

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Lightmix math
« on: Yesterday at 21:47:16 »
(PS your second example of light intensity 200/LightMix 3, versus light intensity 600/LightMix 1, should work out very similar indeed, due to the smaller manipulation in LightMix in both examples :) )

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Lightmix math
« on: Yesterday at 21:43:17 »
Results won't be the same, due to adaptive sampling - Corona uses the intensity of a light source in the scene (compared to other light source intensities) to decide how much processing power to dedicate to solving for that light. This is why you should not boost things in LightMix by 100, let alone 200, probably no more than 10 or 20 - because the result will be very noisy. So, best to set your lights to be in the right range of intensity in the scene, and adjust by smaller amounts in LightMix.

It is normal - the monthly is cancelled (but remains active until it's next expiry, as that has already been paid for), and a new Annual begins on the day of purchase. You should in effect have two licenses right now, the Monthly until its next renewal, and the Annual.

News / Chaos Corona 9 for 3ds Max (Hotfix 1) released
« on: Yesterday at 16:27:03 »
This hotfix addresses some specific issues, and all Corona for 3ds Max users are recommended to download it.

Download now:

The issues are:
  • Fixed: Tonemapping pipeline is sometimes reset to default on loading certain scenes
  • Fixed issue where IR did not immediately react to changes in CoronaScannedMtl
  • Chaos Phoenix - Fixed getting diffuse color from Foam node for newer Phoenix versions (Phoenix 5 nightlies)
  • Fixed failing installation of Scatter for earliest 3ds Max version when upgrading from Corona 8 to Corona 9.

There are no other changes.

Remember that the ACES OT checkbox does NOT make the image into ACES colorspace - it only applies the ACES "sweetener curve" to the image. The output EXR is not then in ACES colorspace.

Any saved start up scene, e.g. so that Max starts in Corona? If so, does resaving that from one of the new Corona versions make a difference? (May want to keep a backup of the earlier start up scene if you do save a new one)

The correct way without losing nodes is the ticket - if you do it manually, it will cancel your monthly with included nodes, and then purchase a regular annual like any new user without any continuation of the nodes. If you submit a ticket and it doesn't result in the move from monthly to annual being done for you, let us know the ticket number so we can investigate. Thanks!

Best thing then is to give us the ticket ID and we can follow up on the situation :)

Did you specify that you have free FairSaaS render nodes attached to your monthly subscription, and you are seeking to move to annual while preserving those render nodes? They may not have checked if you didn't draw their attention to the free render nodes associated with your existing subscription. (For those without historical free render nodes, it is in fact possible to move from monthly to annual without raising a ticket :) )

This is correct, you'd be cancelling an existing monthly subscription, and then purchasing a new annual subscription. (There'd be no refund on the monthly, as it would remain active until it's current expiry date, mind you). This also applies if you already have one annual subscription, and were purchasing a second one, for example, then the second one would be eligible - doesn't have to be the first time you've bought an annual, it just doesn't apply to any renewals of existing annuals. For those with existing FairSaaS nodes, as we noted on the release of Corona 9 if wanting to move from monthly to annual and not lose those, you'd need to contact us via rather than try to do anything automatically through the purchasing system, and that would apply here too.

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Weird alpha
« on: 2022-11-19, 15:47:11 »
Just to be sure - you were using Render and not Interactive Render? IR does only render what is on display in the window, while final render will render the whole image, or should at any rate :)

Gallery / Re: Interceptor - 2022
« on: 2022-11-17, 13:36:58 »
Only an hour and a half or so away from me, cool!

You don't need to mask the bloom and glare pass - when you are using an Add mode, whether Linear or not, black "adds nothing" automatically, ie has no effect, ie is like it is masked without ever having to mask it.

(EDIT and similarly "faint" bloom and glare "adds just a little", ie also looks like there is a mask of some grey there... and "really  bright" bloom and glare will add so much it pretty much wipes out what was underneath it, just like a mask of "full white" would.... the Add mode is the key, as you are adding a light source which works in an add mode, not adding a sticker or other overlay that would require a mask e.g. like a tree cutout would need a mask as it is not lighting but an object, so needs to be layered in normal mode with a mask )

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: UVW Randomizer requests
« on: 2022-11-16, 12:42:11 »
It has a decal mode, introduced in Corona 9. For flip, couldn't you just use -100 to 100 for U or V, step 200?

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