Author Topic: Reduce noise in the interior scene  (Read 542 times)

2022-08-01, 11:55:05


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despite being in 2K and some lights in the scene. I still have noise in the image.
I have emissive lights for the hanging lamps and coronalights below. and I have enabled denosing.

I also have my noise level which is at 5%

here is the picture attached

My set up : 16go ram + nvidia GTX 1070

how can i gain sharpness and reduce noise ?

Thank you for your help !
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2022-08-01, 14:21:19
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It would be best if you could attach original render, since in this zoomed out screenshot it's impossible to see any noise. As for the actual advice, first thing you could do, is to turn on UHD, or 4K cache - that could significantly increase render speed, so you could render more passes over the same time and get less noisy image. Otherwise i don't see anything obviously wrong in your scene, it's likely that you simply need to render it longer, or use more aggressive denoiser settings. 
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2022-08-01, 17:33:24
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Noise level at 5% is a pretty high value. You can try with 2-3%. Generally, the longer you render, the better the quality.
Your image was rendered for only 25 passes. I would say 50 is probably the minimum to get good quality renders, and 100 is even better.

What seems to be the biggest issue? Is it some persistent fireflies in one specific area? Or is the image noisy in general? Maybe something else?
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2022-08-01, 20:56:57
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Thank you very much romulus I have divide my render I'm just to 45min ! Great !

it's at the bottom left of my image between the white furniture and the wall we see noise. and even in the general image when you zoom in a bit.

attached the rendering

OK marou thank you i going to try !