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Bitmap / Node preview Node / Node Wrangler from Blender


What would be super awesome, is something similar to the node wrangler from blender.

Basically what it does, is lets say you have a couple of bitmaps and noises mixed, and you want to see what the output looks like of those textures.

You hold CTRL + SHIFT and Click on the node you want to preview -> Blender automatically inputs the selected node to a temporary "viewer Node" ( probalby like an emission output )
It's not affected by lighting or such ( see the attached screenshot in the file - i used no lighting, to showcase the visibility )

From what i can see there have been multiple requests to have the maps visible in viewport for a couple of years now.

This "Node Wrangler" concept would be also super useful, as it also quickly shows the look of bitmaps, without manually having to input the bitmaps to the diffuse, probably turn off "reflection" or "refraction" and such, to go back and see the output, and then repeat until the desired look/mapping is achieved.

That would save a lot of time, and ( please excuse if i am talking crap right now, i have no idea of programming and such ) doesn't seem to be too big of a problem to implement, since a user has also made this addon to work with octane in blender as well.

here is a quick overview of what it does.

( there's also a feature to quickly connect diffues / roughness / normal maps to the right inputs with a shortcut )

Would really love to see such a feature, since bitmap / mixture shader previews have already been requested for a while now for corona


Quick hint for the Video i linked to this request:

Requested Feature starts at 00:22




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