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At the moment the clouds look great, I haven't tested them with interiors but in general using the available options you can get a sane result

The sun behaves strangely, disappearing and reappearing in front of and behind the clouds.

I think the most important point is that the Volume effect treats clouds like any other Hdri map, drawing a uniform fill strip along the horizon line. I would like these 2 effects to work together without limitation. (see the attachment)

I didn’t notice any dramatic performance drops, I didn’t measure the exact comparison, but it feels like everything is fast enough

Thank you guys for listening to us and adding clouds in this development iteration)

PS I already mentioned in another topic, but I will repeat here, while I was testing clouds on this scene with the sea, I noticed that the fisheye camera cannot be used normally with displacement, subdivision culling does not work correctly and right in front of the camera, displacement does not give the desired level of subdivisions. Given that you added DOF for the fisheye camera, can you please fix that too.

PPS I will additionally mention that I did not manage to achieve an acceptable look of an almost evenly overcast sky, as if there is always not enough range of parameters, for example, I would gladly set the cirrus amount to more than 1.0.

Similarly, it would be convenient to be able to slightly randomize the position of the clouds in height relative to each other, if you set the "Altitude" parameter to a sufficiently high value, then the repeatability becomes clearly noticeable

It would be cool to have access to the parameters of the cloud shading itself, (make them more transparent without changing the thickness for example, or slightly change the parameters for scattering in them) + I would like to have a greater variety of real-life cloud shapes.
As a result, from all these parameters it will be possible to form presets (low cloudy / rainy / cirrus, etc., which can be used by ordinary users who do not like to "play"

I hope sooner or later we will get a separate adjustment to extend the displacement culling beyond the camera, at the moment it is not possible to use displacement in combination with a fisheye camera, you can check it yourself using the water surface created with PhoenixFDOceanTex

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Aerial Perspective for HDRIs
« on: 2022-08-09, 23:01:12 »
Didn't somebody make it "work" by using LightMix? Sorta.
by using CoronaSelectMap with hdri & coronasky, but its very "Sorta". The horizon line becomes weird.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: CoronaPattern playground!
« on: 2022-08-09, 04:19:22 »

it's nice that we have an option to choose UVWs between pattern and base objects, but sometimes (quite often) i want to have both. Maybe good solution would be to have dedicated surface map, like Chaos Scatter has, which would let to get base object's colours without sacrificing pattern object's UVs. In fact both, the Scatter and The Pattern could share the same map
just once again faced with such a need, after all, when you make carpets or fabric, it is very important to be able to impose, say, a print on top of the finished product, while maintaining the texture coordinates for individual fibers on the pattern itself

so +1 for this feature

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: CoronaPattern playground!
« on: 2022-08-03, 16:14:33 »
This may have been mentioned before but we're finding that IR needs to be manually restarted all the time when making changes to materials used by coronapatternmod e.g. whatever's assigned to the pattern object or the underlying object. the changes don't visually update at all/properly until IR is restarted.
by the way, yes, it’s very annoying)

Besides, I mentioned a little earlier, but no one answered, in VFB it seems that the Refresh button does not work, it just does nothing when you click on it, maybe you should remove it  and make vfb a little more compact in width?)

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: CoronaPattern playground!
« on: 2022-08-02, 21:31:19 »
But that's not how the pattern would look, right? In previous example you shown that the pattern would produce gaps when tiles are rotated, hence my question about its usefulness. On the other hand, why would you want use the pattern for things like grass when the scatter is clearly superior at such tasks?
This is how it will look like in this case, i made a small grass sample for the pattern by scattering small samples of grass inside a rectangular shape (you can see it on the right) and applied it via geopattern in V-ray. If you scatter not just boxes, then the gaps do not seem to be noticeable during rotation.

There are quite a lot of applications like this, i would use it for example on complex surfaces to create fine moss on rocks, for gravel, mulch, stabilized grass for say visualization of dioramas, these are just what came to my mind right now. Controlling the distribution by changing the UV coordinates is generally quite convenient, all I need right now is overlapping.

PS and I also just thought that it would be pretty handy if CoronaPatternMod wil take into account the CoronaDisplacementMod lying under it and applied the patterns to the already deformed mesh, anyway, because both of these effects are render-time only

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: CoronaPattern playground!
« on: 2022-08-02, 18:02:32 »
Thanks for the video, but it does make me question about usefulness of such feature. On the other hand i like your idea about scaling and overlapping, especially if it could be randomized.

Basically, here is usefulness, without random rotation on the left / with random rotation on the right

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: CoronaPattern playground!
« on: 2022-08-01, 22:36:34 »
And since I’ve already been distracted from work, I’ll illustrate with the help of a video (check the attachments) my request for overlapping and scaling, I still don’t understand whether this is possible to do or the technology itself will not allow.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: CoronaPattern playground!
« on: 2022-08-01, 19:14:04 »
Oh, now i got it, you need to change the ID Mode to "Pattern object". My bad, but maybe it's better to make it the default?

Can you explain some more how exactly this is working? Could you share a material editor screenshot + the result you are getting in V-Ray?
anyways I've already recorded the video, so I'll attach it :D

Curious to see how that works. Does the pattern leaves the gaps between tiles when they rotate, or does it automatically adjust its cropping box for each tile? Would you mind to show some example?
I can’t make a full-fledged example with a working case right now, I just recorded a short video, yes, it just cuts out everything that does not fit and leaves gaps

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: CoronaPattern playground!
« on: 2022-08-01, 17:13:27 »
just tested one more time both in V-ray and Corona, in V-ray we can randomize textures of the pattern object by using MultiSubTex and it doesn't work for me with CoronaMultiMap in Corona for some reason, fix it please

and by the way V-ray has random rotation parameter, very handy)

Haha, i'm sure i will. Already ran Corona benchmark, can't wait when all the files and programs will be moved from old PC and i can give it a proper run in Corona. Working for 9 years on old pc has one benefit - the performance improvement in the new pc feels insane :]
my sincere congratulations, I upgraded the hardware myself a week ago, understanding you very well :D

Gallery / Re: Dichroic Glass shader + Tutorial
« on: 2022-07-28, 12:22:36 »
Many thanks for the tutorial, great work !
thanks, you're welcome!)

Gallery / Dichroic Glass shader + Tutorial
« on: 2022-07-26, 18:12:21 »

A series of renderings made from a reference to illustrate my tutorial on creating dichroic glass shader using the Corona Renderer.

Architect: Pete Kennon
Photographer: Timothy Kaye

Project on Behance
Post on my Telegram channel
3ddd gallery

The tutorial itself:
English version
Russian version

I would like to take this opportunity to once again ask our favorite developers for a separate thinfilm shader, and a layered shading system so that we don’t have to invent such non-standard approaches, Ondra, please! :D

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2022-07-21, 14:27:02 »
Recently I made different types of dichroic glass and played a little with the thinfilm layer in V-ray 6
and now I vote with two hands for adding a separate thin-film/coating shader that would take into account more parameters and nuances.

In general, a convenient system of layered materials with additive properties was would be very helpful.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: posts from Daily Builds Discussion
« on: 2022-07-14, 15:40:07 »
It looks very cool indeed. How did you do the pattern itself, Marchik?
Thanks guys, splines and Ornatrix, one for the main threads, separately for the fluffy ones.

I really would like to be able to scale and overlap the patterns a little bit, so as not to have such problems when joining together chaotic patterns like this.
Ondra, is it possible to implement or they must be strictly separated, each in its own square?

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