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Gallery / Re: London Wall 1-5 Entrance & Office Lobby
« on: 2023-05-10, 21:15:04 »
Great to see more of your work again!

Out of curiosity, If you don't mind sharing... What was the reason for the hiatus? Was it ultimately a good thing or did you notice some downsides?

Thanks :- ).

The reason was I think combination of perhaps too many factors, but two big ones were a passing of closest family member to terminal illness and being tired somewhat from interacting with cgi community, but that was only on Facebook particularly but it influenced my overall attitude of taking rest from all, which I think as many may know, are not known best for mental health :- ). And then I kind of lost the courage to post stuff, you need to do this regularly otherwise it stops being a comfortable habit. Somehow as I get older, although I get more peace and success in life, I do built more insecurities.

Or perhaps creative people are just never satisfied with their work whatsoever, but at some point I think I took it into extreme and just couldn't even tolerate looking at my work.

Ultimately, it had benefits, particularly a peace of mind of just focusing on work and feedback from clients, building very solid relationship with them. (At some point it was annoying to read stuff like "your chair is 5mm above floor", well thanks but the project is finished and sent and client super happy and grateful, whatever, it's commercial stuff). Lot of really great artists from older generation function like this all the time heh.
The downsides was losing a bit of touch with community, which can be important for sense of belonging. I also avoided attending and speaking at conferences during this time, until this February when I spoke at Inbetweeness in Portugal and whoa it made me feel so much better! I just feel so much more positive being able to once again talk face-to-face to other artists :- ) That brought me back a lot of confidence, because I had a look at the body of work I completed in those 4 years and realized that jesus, so much of that is good and I should be really satisfied where I am in life in terms of work satisfaction (very high). But I had to look at it from outside.

Sorry for TedTalk ;- )

Great job on addressing all aspects of the visuals, the balance of lighting is really impressive. I'm delighted to see some new posts showcasing your inspiring work again.

I can completely relate to feeling uncertain as we grow and develop our skills in a particular field. It's reassuring to hear you acknowledge this, and I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing your other selected works:)

Hardware / Re: 7950x system RAM - MOBO recommendation
« on: 2023-01-11, 12:16:52 »
Hi Nejc, thanks but yes it's too far for me to wait that long currently!

Do you have any recommendation on mobo or ram (how many dimms should i look for)? Thanks ! :)

Hardware / Re: 7950x system RAM - MOBO recommendation
« on: 2023-01-10, 09:17:04 »
Thanks, sure I can save some consumption from the GPU but my main concern is RAM and mobo, didn't know about that (if you have a mobo with 4 ram slots, it will treat the 4 ram modules as  2 pairs) as I have no idea considering ddr5 myself :)

Hardware / 7950x system RAM - MOBO recommendation
« on: 2023-01-07, 15:24:00 »
Hi guys, happy new year and best wishes to all.

I'm trying to configure a couple workstations for the office, I have made up my mind to 7950x system but I don't know which RAM and mobo to choose.

I'll go for:

AMD 7950x
Noctua NH-D15NH-D15
Corsair HX Series HX1200 1200W
Corsair Obsidian 750D
GTX 1070 (i know that is somehow old but as we have a couple of them laying around I'll use these for now)

My concerns do i need a dual channel configuration for the RAM I have read for the 7950x so I need 2*64GB but it seems that i can't find any reseller for 1 module of 64gb DDR5,
in addition, what is the best mobo to set up this configuration?

Thanks in advance :)

[Scatter] I need help! / Re: Chaos scatter optimization
« on: 2022-12-20, 17:32:50 »
Thanks a lot Maru, i'll wait just in case anyone has done any experiment and what's the difference. As you correctly mentioned if it's minor the most flexible solution wins :)

[Scatter] I need help! / Chaos scatter optimization
« on: 2022-12-20, 11:23:02 »
Hi everyone, I hope you guys have a great time.
I have a scene with a lot of scattering going on and i would like to know if it's better performance-wise to have less scatters and more scattered geometries inside or it's exactly the same if I have more scatters and less scattered objects (let's say that the total amount of scattered instances remains the same), Thank you!

General CG Discussion / Looking for a region render solution
« on: 2022-07-19, 18:05:23 »
Hi guys, I hope you are enjoying the summer sun :)

I'm facing an issue which I can't find any script on initial 3ds max tool that will make the work done.

I would like to render a region of my camera (in a specific resolution, something similar to 3ds max blowup) but i would like to have this region even if I close and open again 3ds max as initial 3ds max region/ crop/ blowup etc. are refreshing if you restart the software. Do you know any script that can maintain the region area of the composition? The only thing that somehow gave me a possible solution is making a box ( not renderable) and use corona selection from viewport to have the area selected but this stills not a  viable solution as i have to make a 12K render to keep the region 5K.

Thanks in advance, I'm looking forward to your reply, cheers!

"I have tried ezMat, pretty fast import but when I execute it on a diffuse map it imports all the different diffuse textures variations with wrong gamma and is also not that batch process for a lot of materials but it saves some time if it hadn't that gamma problem."

Try this, then use Nik's epic Batch Material script to batch fix all the gamma values on the whole scene/library file.

Thank you for the quick response but it seems that it isn't gamma related but something different that causing the alternative diffuse maps to have a more washed out (brighter/ desaturated) color, so that was a great turn around but it seems that up to now can't solve it .

General CG Discussion / Batch import textures to materials
« on: 2021-10-05, 19:39:29 »
Hi guys I hope you have been all great and safe.

I'm looking for any script/ plugin or workflow that could batch import correctly all the textures to corona materials.

I'm currently trying to convert a library of textures ex. Arroway to ready made materials so I have like 10 different diffuse colour variations and the same texture for refl/ gloss/ normal/ disp etc. so I would like a script that could import all the diffuse variations with correctly all the other map textures and preferably name the materials according to the diffuse name.

I have tried ezMat, pretty fast import but when I execute it on a diffuse map it imports all the different diffuse textures variations with wrong gamma and is also not that batch process for a lot of materials but it saves some time if it hadn't that gamma problem.

In addition I have tried texture material loader which is great for one by one material creation.

Last but not least tried the poliigon script for importing poliigon textures to materials and use advance renamer to batch rename the arroway library to correspond suffix of poliigons workflow (ex. replace the word diffuse to _d_ so poliigon script knows that this map should go to diffuse slot) but I have to manually duplicate all the refl/ gloss/ normal etc. for each and any of diffuse variants.

I would be super happy if there is anything that could save me some time. Thank a mile in advance:)

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: C4d Corona to Vray convert
« on: 2021-03-10, 16:35:30 »
Hi, I tried it but it seems that this is to convert it to Corona render, my scene is already in corona and I would like to convert it to Vray.


[C4D] General Discussion / C4d Corona to Vray convert
« on: 2021-03-10, 16:15:23 »
Hello guys, I'm facing an issue and thought someone may have an idea on how to solve this out.

I would like to convert some models from Corona to Vray in Cinema4d, In vray there is a material converter but it seems that it doesn't work properly.

Thanks in advance!

Gallery / Re: Pale.
« on: 2019-09-04, 16:37:59 »

Gallery / Re: Pale.
« on: 2019-09-01, 10:52:55 »

Beyond beautiful !

Simply everything is great. Lighting, colors, surfaces, mood.
No more words needed. :)

P.S. even some droplets & smudging of wall paint on the floor in some edges. You guys are crazy - in a good way.

We are glad that you liked it guys, thank you!

Hey guys, thank you for the anwers, the option with the third PC and 10Gb network cards seems like an easy and not expensive idea. Thought I would like If there is any a more "compact" solution. So I came up with the following ideas but I would like to be informed if there are going to work or I'll have even more bottlenecks on my network so the only solution is sort of a PC/NAS situation.

1 - If I buy 10Gb network cards and I share a folder from one Workstation to the other is it going to be the same as having my files on a NAS or it will be slower when the Workstation is rendering?
2 - If I set up a kind of software (that I don't know any but I'll find sth) that syncs over LAN and have both Identical SSDs to both of Workstations so everyone drag it's file local and the other one has the same exact paths but everything works locally, something like Johannes Linqvist does via dropbox but in a lan configuration is it going to be faster than NAS and cheaper in sort term?


Hi Charlie,

I'm facing the same situation, we are a team of two working in the same studio, currently we have a 1Gb Lan that we share folders from both workstations over lan, I have face a lot of problems but the most important is that the last couple of days when i drag and drop a file from one workstation to another I get the screen that says is downloading the file from the network but is extremely slow, it will take like 5mins for a simple model to be merged. I would like to resolve this issue as I don't know what it has been wrong and also find a permanent fast solution for our assets. We have bought a couple of SSDs but there are useless with how lan is set up now. If we get some 10Gb/s network cards for the workstations is there any chance we don't need to buy NAS or set an old WS as  asset storage? Thanks ;)

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