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--- Quote from: clemens_at on 2021-09-16, 12:36:26 ---also highly recommended: AdvArray

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Neat, never heard of this one.

Maybethis clone modifier by iToo helps?

You can add it to the stack twice, one for the rows, the second for the columns.
(If its the same object over and over again, which is your user case, if Im correct.)


--- Quote from: Frood on 2021-09-16, 11:00:10 ---If plugin dependency is not an issue for you:

1. there is a free version of RC
2. you might try the (also free) Clone modifier: Select all objects you want to distribute, apply modifier twice to create a grid with them. All parametric and adjustable.

Good Luck

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Unfortunately this is modifier does not achieve the desired effect; in fact, this is basically a modifier version of the array tool.

I just want to clarify, because there are several people offering their advice, but are misunderstanding what I'm looking for.

Imagine you import a Megascans collection of small rocks, they are all separate (unique) objects and all import at transform (0,0,0). Now arrange them in a grid.

I'm looking for a script that does this, as MCG_Arrange does, with parameters to arrange the objects in a grid of arbitrary number of rows and columns. For example, if you have 16 objects, you could create 2 row/8 col, 8 row/2 col, 4 row/4 col, 1 row/16 col, etc.

Sorry for not having read properly...

Does this Script snippet by Bobo help you?


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