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Project Management Tools - Project / Time Tracking?


I really need a better, unified method for tracking multiple projects, time (hrs, days, wks) attributed to a project, miscellaneous costs (assets, software, rendering, etc.) associated with a project, etc.

I imagine others on this forum achieve this type of project management through some toolset, software, website, etc.

What are some good options for individual contractors?

johan belmans:
For many years we make use of Studiometry. They have 2 versions, a cloud version and a standalone.
We run the standalone version.
Beside project management it does invoicing as well.

I had this exact question a couple of years ago and decided to go with, mostly for the project and time tracking elements. It has a nice web interface, with a companion app time tracker which is super easy to have running in the background and assign to the projects created through the web.

I'm pretty sure it does all of the other things you're after although I haven't used all of them extensively! I've probably got some kind of referral code so pop me a DM if you wanted it.


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