Author Topic: How do you guys create a material library for yourself?  (Read 1490 times)

2021-09-07, 11:39:45


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Hi everyone, I use Connecter for my assets however I can't figure out how to use it for materials yet. I save materials as material libraries from 3ds Max and when I try to preview them in Connecter they just look black, bitmaps are gone. Is there a way to create a good material library for myself apart from 3ds Max's own material library option? Does anyone know how to use Connecter for materials? Thanks!

2021-09-07, 13:46:28
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Connecter has an option to batch render previews of assets, but you need to setup a render scene for that. I'd suggest you to subscribe to Connecter group on facebook and ask for more details there.
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2021-09-07, 22:46:36
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I use Project manager from Kstudio, ALL DAY, it manages material library┬┤s, models, hdris, ies...

2021-09-15, 07:57:31
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