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You have a bit of an older system, what is your graphics card?

I never noticed this behavior before, and honestly thinks this is a bug. After theese findings in DB, I rolled back to v3,1 but things didn't change - even after a uninstall/reinstall :(

Does anybody here have similar experiences or explanations?


Yes I rolled back 2,3 and 4 versions back and the long render time remains ( 64 hours to do a 3k render) and the same scene took 6hrs for a 4.5k render a few months ago. Unfortunately this scene I cant share due to restrictions on an NDA I have signed but I usually share when I have an issue, i just double checked the scene again after reading the HQ Filter test you performed. Looks like my scene went from 64hr render to 14hrs once I deactivated HQ filtering in the latest daily build. Working on a Dual Xeon E5-2698v3 with 128 Gb RAM.

Could you please compile build for 2021 and post it on beta.adsk please
joking aside it will be harder to make 2021 because AUtodesk change codes every 2 years, so 2019 and 2020 are very similar just like 2016 and 2018. 2021 I think is a different code so don't expect it very early next year.

By the time next daily is out, it will have to have max 2021 support :]
we need like buttons.
by the time it comes out Vray and Corona will be "ONE"

I wonder if someone is using the Pick button in VFB. I remember there was so much crying in requesting similar feature, yet no one is providing any feedback since its implementation :]

I saw it by accident 2 days ago and picked a few things I didn't have any problems....maybe people don't know about it...

do a clean uninstall of all corona stuff then re-install.

Guys we need an option in Corona where in distributed rendering the machine we are using does not render only the render nodes. I have a 32 core threadripper and I am getting murdered here i come home from work to work and I have to render while photoshopping, being my software is licensed I cannot have two machines with all licensed software on, 128GB ram and 32 physical cores all busy rendering, in addition to my nodes. can we do this? can I do some photoshop while rendering 5X6K views?

[C4D] Resolved Bugs / Re: Crash with Motion Blur
« on: 2019-02-20, 03:55:44 »
Freezes here same issue Corona 4 build 3 Feb 13th max 2019

edit it doesn't crash if I render from camera, I was rendering from perspective view by mistake.

Hi. Just saw the uploaded comparisons between NVIDIA's denoiser and the newly added Intel denoiser. This is great. No need for a new expensive NVIDIA card now :)

Thank you!

so you can live without real time raytracing?

- Fixed crashes/freezes at the end of render when bloom & glare is enabled

Go go go! :)

that's the best news I had in the last 4 weeks.

I have this issue, when I put my render on to BackBurnder it works fine until the Denoising, after the main denoising is done on the image its stuck on the file save. Making the 3ds max freeze forever, I just had my render stuck on that for whole 48h, then each time I restarted the frame.

So is there anything Im doing wrong?
just go bak to January 4th build dude. Every time there is a new build it it crashes things immediatly go back.


Latest build sometimes crashes 3ds max when I'm trying to copy render directly from framebuffer.
same here crashes. also when it is cleaning frame buffer when it finishes render crashes too.

is there a notification or mailing list for when you guys release hotfixes? by mere chance I came here and saw the posts above.

since we are casual if anyone updated to max 2019.3 and had issues with corona compatibility let us know please.

forget the light solver, how can I get the 2019 Grow Ivy please? or are you still using an older version?

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