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Obviously, Corona has a lot to offer and it surely gained a lot of steam by joining Chaos, yet from my subjective point of view - of someone that abandoned Vray years ago - it looks like Vray is slowly copying coronas features yet Corona is not doing the same vice versa.

I have to agree with Mike here. I too abandoned Vray years ago. Chaos bought Render Legion out of fear. Enscape too. I really don't like this way of doing business because it hampers progress. Those were my fears when the news came out and, from my point of view, they're slowly becoming more evident judging from the pace of new features. Cannot say I'm surprised. Chaos trying to monopolize the 3d rendering industry is just sad, IMHO.

Corona is still the best renderer for what I use it for, though.

Be careful guys talking about this might get you blocked as happened when I expressed my displeasure with this acquisition and was treated like a child.
FYI Corona approached Chaos and offered them the platform on a plate of gold.
I used Vray for 10 years since beta and then Corona since beta. I believe I have a good instinct for these things so my instinct tells me Vray might be the software for us to come back to sooner or later.

[Max] I need help! / Corna to Vray converter
« on: 2021-11-16, 22:56:21 »
Hello, I am thinking of going back to Vray, anyone knows of a converter that works well,

Did anybody notice unusual freezing when rendering is on and you try to interact with VFB? I'm using Oct 12 build and i start to get those freezes very often, somthing that almost never happened before. At the moment i don't have time to roll back to v7 and see if the issue would be gone, but i thought i will ask on the forum if anyone else having similar issues.

same with latest daily build, and DR rendering, especially with it receiving passes. on th epositive the compute ris no longer stuttering.

no problems here regarding buckets but I have 64 cores. you might need more cores. my problem is Corona was crashing because one scripted light had raytraced shadows. maybe a fail safe to add to Corona an automatic disabling of raytraced shadows when rendering rather than getting hard crashes.

is anyone else having random crashes once they start rendering the high res 6K wide images with the latest couple of builds?
sometimes after 20 passes, sometimes close to 50 passes and max shuts down completely. same happens with backburner and DR.

is there a way you guys can add a feature to Coron Multimap where you can add a self illumination or lighting enabled map so that some random elements in a model can be lit?

You can use Corona Multimap inside Layered Material as a mask, or you can plug Multimap to the Self-illumination slot of Corona Material


is there a way you guys can add a feature to Coron Multimap where you can add a self illumination or lighting enabled map so that some random elements in a model can be lit?

what was it please?

FYI latest build DR is broken, main pc cannot find rneder nodes it displays message "no sockets could be bound"
after an hour trying to fix my network turned out going back to corona6 hotfix1 solves the issue.

you're lucky they responded to you. do you have the 3d connexion controller?

Yes, I have this device. I would never have guessed that it was because of him. I’ll try to install an older version of the drivers, since I began to notice such a thing after their recent update.
I got a "3DxWare64_v10-6-0_r2972" and I had no complaints at that time!
Thanks for the advice.
you're welcome. I blamed Corona for months but it turned out 3d Connexion's fault! I found out when I came back to max's physical cameras and the same camera shifting on it's own issue was still happening. by the way 3d connexion just released the latest driver today so we might try that to see if they fixed it. I keep putitng my left hand further left every time I want to move the camera I got so much used to the 3d mouse.

Update, 3d connexion today's released driver 10.6.6 still causes unanted random shifting in max 2020 and 2021, all you need to do is draw a box, add camera, shift the lens, then select and inselect the box 3 or 4 times in the viewport and watch the camera shift on itself. Goodbye my NZD $1000 3d mouse :(

I have reported this but never got a response - if you report this to Autodesk chances are this gets a higher priority.

It is only possible not in our universe.

Now I have discovered another problem with the camera. The geometry disappears when I control the geometry through the camera, for example: selection, movement, and so on.
I selected the geometry, everything in the camera disappeared, I need to move the camera so that everything appears again and so all the time, I have to turn on the perspective.
This problem arises on the second project in a row.

Second problem
There is an old project that sent you a long time ago, it was created in Max 2016. Opened in Max 2020, now every time you cancel the render, it crashes 3ds Max. Corona 5 version, this is not observed.
you're lucky they responded to you. do you have the 3d connexion controller? I have the same camera problem plus it randomly lens incrementally shifts on it's own if you use lens shifting, for over a year. I had to uninstall the 3d connexion drivers and now I have a $1000 brick.

Just installed the new daily build. Only tried in one scene so far but it is 20% faster with the new adaptive environment sampling. The material library is also much snappier than before. Great job guys!

Were there any improvements in interactive rendering?

I like it too I am using it for production.
We do have an issue with Bloom and Glare is that when it is on the render sometimes becomes unresponsive and you gain responsivness by cancelling (takes several tries) or turning it off in the VFB (also takes several tries)
I do hope the updated Bloom and Glare solves this. My unresponsivness issues with some parts of the renderign could be related to my using of a Threadripper though. it is very fast and the threads are nice but I don't know if windows is unfriendly to it or what when I am rendering I better not run any other programs as they become slow and unresponsive inspite of 64 threads and 128GB ram.

transperancy materials their pixels masks (Cmasking) are being transferred wrong in DR works fine in non DR renders. seems these entities with transperancy are being ignored in DR in latest build.

Can soemone help me from my nightmare? for a few months now I have had this issue where the corona camera if it had shifting then it shifts on it's own usually when I view through it, save or open the files. this attachemnt from a DR session where the DR slaves are rendering shifted camera. I constantly have to merge the camera from older files which is wasting me a lot of time, and re-rendering. this happens with final build 5 and latest builds.

Besides fully functional render to texture, what other support can be there? Just wondering.

Vray basically implemented 'itself' in Unreal. But I don't's strange solution, the only benefit is that you can use Unreal also as 3dsMax scene manipulation alternative, it doesn't enhance the actual Unreal output, just enables you to output both (Vray raytraced or Unreal native) outputs.

As long as datasmith can interpret and translate every Corona feature correctly, there isn't much need from Corona devs to do anything. But I didn't test it.
I didn't try it but I read you can bake the lighting with Vray inside Unreal which should be faster and better than the inbuilt Unreal GI solution.

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