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Well... It does work with Vray. And even with other plugins with pluggable maps like ForestPack. So I wouldn't just outright assume it's an ADSK problem by default. :)

So... By default something IS wrong with the bump. It works with BumpConverter though.

This is just a sphere with the default OSL_Rivets shader, with the Bump output plugged into the material's bump slot.
(Never mind the lighting differences, couldn't be bothered so rendered Arnold with default lights... :P )

Any time. :) I have a suspicion that anything coming from an OSL map doesn't work in a CoronaMtl bump slot either, but I gotta test this some more and see if it may be easily circumvented somehow.

So, in 3dsmax 2019 (obviously) when you're using OSL shaders, you have several spaces available such as 'raster', 'world', 'object' and 'screen'.

I was trying to write a shader which maps an image from edge to edge in screen space and couldn't seem to do it, until I tried a different renderer and realized my shader was good all along, and it was Corona mishandling it.

To reproduce: Plug a named space node into a bitmap lookup, and set the space to 'screen'. Plug the bitmap into any kind of material and render with Corona VS any other renderer. I tested Arnold, Scanline and Vray, which all render it correctly.

Test video with Arnold:

Test with Corona:

I guess it would make more sense to create CoronaCamera (and deprecate the modifier), since reliance on Autodesk to do the camera right hasn't paid off.

+1 This would be great!

Well not for everyone it wouldn't. :) We use a mixed Corona/Vray workflow and being able to use the exact same Physical Cameras is a great benefit. Justsayin'.

Just to let you know, tests with faster RAM will come as soon as the BIOS gods have mercy on us and give us an update.

Also, some actual production scene speed comparisons with both Vray and Corona will be in that update. ;)

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily Builds 1.6
« on: 2017-03-13, 14:17:23 »
What about render process speed itself compared with Intel ??///

Rendering is good, no doubt there. Somewhere along the lines of 6900k or similar. But, there's no conclusive results as of yet, and I can't say for certain how fast.
The BIOS is a pile of dung, RAM is working at 60% speed, voltages are all over the place, and thread scheduling is completely messed up. OC is a no go right now (although from what you can see on the benchmark I did OC it shortly just to test) since the whole platform is too unsafe at this time to seriously play with it.

As soon as I get the system running to actual intended spec, I'll post some results. :)

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily Builds 1.6
« on: 2017-03-13, 11:00:58 »
I was trying out the latest daily on the newly assembled Ryzen... At first I thought it was my system behaving weird, then I noticed others here had issues with the daily as well. I've encountered the VFB not updating properly while the CPU was still rendering, and the number of passes staying still the whole time. The behavior was usually triggered by adding a region.

Love the Psycho sampler tho. :D


Isn't that like the worst buy out of the 3 CPU-s currently available? From the benchmarks that I have seen both 1700 and 1700X reach 1800X scores with mild overclock and same temperature as their big brother - for like half the price.

Since 1800X doesn't really have much space for OC, it would seem to me that 1700 could easily be the best buy if you wanna go through some slight "hassle" with overclocking.

Or am I wrong?

You're not wrong. :) But, given the total price of the build, the $100ish difference between 1700x and 1800x wasn't too big of a deal for me, and I'm not really into bothering with overclocking. I just wanted the one that is the fastest of the bunch out of the box. Otherwise I would have went with one of the other two.

My Ryzen 1800x build is done, so I'll post some benchmarks and comparisons when I have them. ;)

I have time luckily, and if it works it'll save my @ss so consider me interested. PM sent.

I see doing a hotfix (or 1.5.1 or whatever) now as the only proper solution to this problem. Since renderfarms, as previously stated, won't install daily builds for sure, what happens is that now a bunch of users have a pile of scenes rendering incorrectly. Those users will have to wait a long time (which is mostly not an option) to be able to render them properly again. In the meantime, a lot of users will create a lot of new scenes which will, when 1.6 comes out, render incorrectly all over again. I just don't see how that works for anyone.

Best to address the issue while it's still fresh and not a lot of damage done, give everyone a heads up to install the hypothetical hotfix ASAP, and get it over with.

And it would be nice, at least, if the last daily build with the old colormapping was still available in dropbox. -.-

Oh... Well, given a choice I'd prefer it to just be the same as before. If we have to lose LUTs or something because of that - so be it, since otherwise this would mean none of the god-knows-how-many scenes I've done in the last year or so won't render correctly anymore. And that's a mess of epic proportions, for me at least. I have to go back to finished projects for some new angles and whatnot quite often.

I can confirm the same issue. I have literally hundreds of files with furniture product shots, which now render in a completely different tone than in 1.4. Which means I have to revert our whole render farm back to 1.4 now because I have no time to second guess and try adjusting more than a thousand images to look the same as the ones we already sent out.

I just rendered one and for a moment I thought I was crazy, then I found this thread...

Gallery / Re: Chopmeister's work stuff
« on: 2016-10-04, 16:54:30 »
Haven't posted anything in ages, but here's some stuff finally. ;)

Hotel interior, a restaurant (the brick wall was done in substance designer, which turned out nice), seaside apartment living room...

More to come soon-ish, but gotta wait for the projects to clear, as always.

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