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[Max] I need help! / Corna to Vray converter
« on: 2021-11-16, 22:56:21 »
Hello, I am thinking of going back to Vray, anyone knows of a converter that works well,

Lightmix is a revolution, but if I had a scene and I used it to make a day shot and a a night shot, or to boost an HDRI sky lighting by making the environment light 100+ times stronger, the different element layers of indirect, direct, shadows, etc... come out black and unusable.
can you please make it so that the lightmix will affect the different elements as well? Thanks

Sometimes you have 14 or more layers of lighting and it could take 1.5 hrs or more to denoise all, if these can be split onto the render farm then 10 minutes and we're done.

Hi Ondra,
Can you please add an option to the corona wire material to render only the outlines of an object and to render outlines and main edges maybe with an angle spinner so faces that have 90 degree angles can have rendered edges but not faces with just a few degrees?
this will really open the door for cartoon rendering and architectural sketch renderings on Corona.

Multithreaded parsing is crashing animation rendering with Corona 1.0.2 and daily build 1.01 if you have forest trees and laubwerks trees (corona materials). Disabling multithreading in the debugger mode fixed the problem.
crash can happen at the first frame or after a few frames. (7 or 8). spent 8 hours testing yesterday until I figured it out.

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