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[Max] Bug Reporting / Corona bitmap scale changes on merge
« on: 2016-02-25, 16:44:27 »
Merging a geometry with a corona bitmap diffuse map with world scale (I suppose it's the same with other maps) from a scene with a different system unit (ex. from inch to cm) Corona scale map size. It works fine with Max standard bitmaps.
In the picture you can see the imported box, the right one with max bitmap, the other with corona bitmap, the last one size has been divided per 2,54

Hardware / CPU for Corona
« on: 2016-02-12, 10:56:11 »
I'm configuring a new ws I'll use with Corona.
I'm oriented on E5-1650V3 as CPU, my question is: instructions set of that CPU (AVX 2.0) is fully compatible with Corona?
Does anyone has got some experience with this CPU?

Maybe Corona team could prepare a short list of must for a good ws, please pleease please ;)

Thanks a lot,

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Light visibility with directionality
« on: 2016-02-11, 09:09:19 »
This is not really a bug, but imho an incorrect way to manage light visibility.
See attached pic, using a directionality value >0 cause the light source become invisible out of the cone of directionality. Always, when I use a visible light I need to always see it, in this moment I have to add an auto illuminated surface to be sure to see light source.
Maybe there should be a flag to define if the light source is always visible with any directionality value.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Looooong time building acc structure
« on: 2015-11-05, 16:04:48 »
Here a scene with only one object that makes building acc. structure become so slow.
Using BHV full SAH instead of Intel Embree in Acc. structure it run correctly. Tested with 1.3 Oct 16 on Max 2016 and Corona 1.3 RC7 on max 2015
Ondra, you was looking for a scene with this problem, now you have it.


[Max] Resolved Bugs / Anisotropy
« on: 2015-10-07, 16:05:14 »
I'm preparing a satin metal, I find this tread:,3527.0.html
on resolved bug.

Using about the same material showed in that tread (with or without a map for anisotropy), I still have bad results.
In the captured video image, you can see a quick set with some primitive and a modeled sink.
In the primitive geometry, you can see a problem on the top of the chamfered box. Just on the top and bottom faces. If I remove any smooth group from top faces (the box is divided 3x3x3) the problem disappears.
The material seems to work ok on the other primitive.
Same story in the sink, all around the borders it create a "false edge". I've tried to change the geometry, to simplify or to increase subdivision, to change smoothing group, to add a a smooth modifier, to remove all smoothing group, but none has changed. I mean, the problem still remains.
I attach also the sink without anisotropy, the geometry works fine. And the box with top faces removed from smooth group.
Is it me? Any suggest?

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Wrong smooth on round surface
« on: 2015-09-30, 18:44:36 »
Hi, I notice this, in max 2015 and 2016 x64, last corona build, there is a problem with smoothing.
Very basic scene, a teapot (and an edited cylinder) on a plane, corona material (or simply a color for 2015 rel.) and a corona sun light in 2016, a corona light (sphere) in 2015. You can see the result.
Is it me?

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Corona Bitmap
« on: 2015-06-03, 17:58:16 »
Tested Corona Bitmap in last build - 2015-06-01
1. using real world scale, scale value is wrong. You also don't see the measurement unit you're working with in textbox.
2. preview in viewport doesn't work. Actually, you can see the bitmap with uncorrect scale (fitted if not real world scale)
3. changing between real world scale and not-real world scale in Corona bitmpa parameter causes an offset in mapping
4. using mirrored instead of repeated tiling works wrong as max bitmap: it use half size scale; can Corona work better than max in this? ;)


I start here a list of feature required for Corona Bitmap
Everybody help me to complete this list, appending, thx!

- preview in viewport
- Real-world scale
- used as env, it is horizontal flipped respect max map, it's not practical... (ref. rel 2015-05-28)
- rotation on axis, most of all Z
- if map path name is too long, you can't read map name
- I often use right mouse click on bitmap preview in mat editor to edit it with photoshop, maybe I'm not the only one

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Bump map and smooth surface
« on: 2015-05-29, 12:24:17 »
I find this problem, also with new corona map, using last build (2015/05/28), don't know with previous.
The scene is too simple, middle gray background and corona sun.
Is it me or it's a bug?

Gallery / Really nothing to do...
« on: 2015-05-22, 17:29:41 » I play with Corona ;)

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Displace map in IR
« on: 2015-04-13, 11:49:12 »
Well, I remember I've red something about displace map and IR, but I'm not sure, so I'm posting this.
Perspective view, zoom on the top left of the wall hole, start IR. Than zoomed out and this is the result (attached), displace is working only on a part of the surface.
To solve, just stop and restart IR.
Done on Max 2015 with Apr 8 Corona build

Really don't understand the reason why, I've removed all cut maps, actually all maps, all glass and almost everything in the scene, but the problem still remain! In render, some leafs appear over the column, like it is a little transparent in some parts...
Erasing some columns the problem disappears...

I'm using this build: Jul 16 2014 21:51:07 and I can't test this with a newer release in this period, sorry.
Ondra, please give me an address where I can send you max archive of the scene if you need it.

[Max] Feature Requests / Render stamp on/off button in VFB
« on: 2014-07-09, 11:38:14 »
What about to have a on/off button in VFB top menu to show/hide render stamp?
It's only me or someone else think this should be useful??

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Loosing exposure value
« on: 2014-05-30, 12:01:37 »
Max 2014, daily 05/27/2014, it loose any exposure changing. It not appends with previous build.
Try to make a plane, put a light, do a render, stop it, change exp value, redo render and stop it. Exp value is 0,0
This is the same for all exposure values.

Work in Progress/Tests / Ale's gallery
« on: 2014-03-21, 19:26:59 »
"My god, one more gallery!!! :-|"

Ok, you're right, but I've share some images in various posts in this great forum, and now I need some order ;)

So, start with this one, it's a test I've just done to have a feeling of some materials/models/etc... but most of all, I've got some time to spend on ;)

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