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2021-10-27, 20:52:03

Alex Abarca

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Hi Corona Team,

As you may know in some instances it's almost impossible to go inspect every material in the scene, and in reality, there are some things we need to let go to push forward, like materializing every object. I know you can convert these materials, but I want to keep my Corona Legacy on my library material for now.

So I am proposing to make Corona better is to keep the red/white glowy message on IR and in render it should render gray flat gray with no light bounces.

2021-10-27, 21:08:01
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You can convert materials by class. Select autodesk material from list and only them will be converted and all your Corona legacy materials will stay untouched.
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2021-10-27, 21:29:38
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Actually, that material - that is, the Unsupported error message in the render - is grey to GI (bounced light) since Corona 3, even though it is red in direct visibility:

I'd say you probably don't want it grey in a final render in direct visibility, because maybe you didn't use IR and you would be left not noticing a major error in the image, or if you did notice it you'd be left scratching your head as to the cause.
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