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2021-08-02, 09:56:50


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Hello, So I just updated  corona and material library has stayed same , same legacy material , is it in plans to update material library or it will stay as it is  ?

2021-08-02, 14:49:27
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Some of the materials were updated in V7, but not all of them:

Material Library Updates
We’ve updated the Material Library to include a new category, Masonry, and we’ve updated the Metals and Wood categories to add some new materials based on the Physical Material (the materials that were there already remain based on the Legacy Material).

We’ve also converted some of the previously existing materials to use the new Physical Material in place of the Legacy Material, with the addition of things such as sheen to fabrics, etc. These are the Carpets, Flooring, Concrete, and Ceramic Tiles categories – note that this may result in a slightly different visual result when applying the new version from the Library, but that existing scenes which used the previous Legacy Material versions will be unaffected (unless you convert them yourself, of course!)


Of course we will keep improving and expanding the Material Library.
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