Author Topic: 3DS MAX 2021 - Bake to texture - PBR ?  (Read 923 times)

2020-10-18, 19:13:27


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Hi, I looked around this forum and searched, but didn't find an answer.
I watched this tutorial for the new "baking to texture" feature (not the "old" render to texture option):
watch the movie at 01:34

The movie describes how to bake several ARNOLD RENDERER passes and create a new PBR material from them:
and the material type selection:

BUT, when I switch to CORONA RENDER (corona 6 hotfix1), and attempt to create the same  (bake new material as PBR) - that option for PBR is missing:

Up to now, I had a hard time to bake corona lighting and AO and then use another suite (substance) to re-assemble it as a pbr material.
There was a plugin but it didn't work for me (babylon?).

If  someone has an answer or a workaround or a tutorial from coronafor that, that would be nice too The requested final result is a FBX with PBR material that I can use for other software.


2021-06-08, 20:10:48
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By the way, yes, I have not found a way to properly bake textures. Previously, it was more or less normal, but now it does not work in any way.