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Animated camera, latest version of FP

A timeline frame change always triggered a complete rescatter and reparse, I see no change here compared to older Corona versions - so expected, yes.

Good Luck

(...) and when changing the camera frame (...)

Do you mean viewport change or timeline frame change (animated camera) here? And which FPP version do you use?

Good Luck

Question : while IR is super fast (once all the geometry is loaded), and rotation the viewport is very responsive, when you want to change the camera (while IR is running), the update of the IR is super slow.... Normal?

I cannot confirm anything of this. FPP v7.x + Corona v7.x is one of the best combos ever released. Even changing camera settings with activated autokey works without FPP rebuilds now. And IR does not restart anymore just because you keyed/changed the camera EV value.

There is just only one thing missing to make it perfect: when panning or zooming the view, all works smoothly. But if any rotation is involved, FPP starts to rebuild the scatter items again. According to Itoo it's a Corona issue and as a consequence, my expectations are high to get that last issue fixed for Corona v7.

I made all tests with Max 2021 (and 2020/2016 partially), so it may be again some Max issue? If you have the option to test with a different Max version, please do (and report back), thanks!

Good Luck

it is the strangest thing.

Agree. Sending or attaching the scene would be the best now. I'm really curious what is causing this one. You could also test Tom's guess by switching to perspective view or using a newly created camera maybe.

Good Luck

Probably would need the problematic scene sent in to us.

Ok, then this option :) But was worth a try.

Good Luck

Maybe there is any map used in that surroundings together with ToneMapControl? A site plan/master plan mapped to the ground for example? I still think it is caused by any ToneMapControl map. Just to test, try merging all xrefs (if present) and paste

Code: [Select]
for map in getclassinstances CoronaTonemapControl do format "%: ExposureAffected: %\n" map.ExposureAffected
into the maxscript listener. If it reports nothing but "OK", I was wrong :)

Good Luck

Looks like you have piped your environment map through CoronaTonemapControl with unticked "Exposure"?

Good Luck

I understand your points but (...)

I don't think so :)

you can use the "Copy" & "Copy to Max" features.


not always I remember to copy picture from there to the Max VFB before IR is stopped by me or automatically stopped before the merging process.

Apart from that, you can also use the "History" feature of VFB

How would you use the VFB history feature within a docked IR session then.

render and you can either use the "Region Render option" to update the selected part


Third reason is possibility to get already rendered picture in to Corona VFB and use region to update only the part of the picture very quickly.

Using these options you should be able to do what you have stated before.

Looks like you completely missed that it's about docked IR?

Alternatively, could the picture rendered by docked IR stay in viewport

Exactly. It's the reason why I never use the docked option. I would love to do so - if I would not had to look at a Corona logo after stopping IR, but at the recent rendered image instead :)

Good Luck

Sounds like Corona is not activated? If so, you should see something like

"CORONA ERROR: License not present, aborting render. Error: No license found on (...)"

in the last lines of max.log of the failing nodes.

Good Luck

[Max] I need help! / Re: Settings with MaxScript
« on: 2021-06-22, 17:08:04 »
But it doens't seem to affect the property in anyway

What makes you think the property is not affected? If you open Render Setup -> Scene and paste that "renderers.current.progressive_passLimit = 5" into the max script listener, the pass limit should change immediately. It does not?

Good Luck

can Bercon tile do anything like this?

To some extent, yes - when combined with multitexture in bercon tile mode. So you would need Multitexture additionally. Here I used the sequence "0,1,2,2/-0.35,0.25,3,2/0.8,0.5,3,2/-0.3,1,1,2" for example as custom bond pattern. Maybe that helps.

Good Luck

Should we request the Corona dev.-team, the Forest Pack Pro dev.-team, the Adesk dev.-team...

I've been kicked around in this triangle for the last 6 years - with moderate success :)

Good Luck

[Max] I need help! / Re: Materials not loading?
« on: 2021-06-14, 14:06:29 »
Hi and welcome,

They appear very blurry in the scene

If you are using CoronaBitmap nodes and the maps appear generally low res in the viewport try:

"Views" -> "Viewport Configuration" -> Tab "Display Performance" -> "Viewport Images and Textures Display Resolution" -> "Baked Procedural Maps:" -> 4096 Pixels.

Also the material previews does not always appear

Make sure that

1. You have assigned Corona to "Material Editor" in "Render Setup" -> "Common" -> "Assign Renderer"
2. Rendering is enabled in the Material Editor ("Options" -> "Enable global rendering" or teapot icon lower left)

If the above does not help, you should provide at least a screenshot and your Max and Corona version + type of graphic card/GPU memory amount.

Good Luck

Yes, but testing it I found the above.

Good Luck

a simple scene or some simple steps which are easy to follow

Checker -> UVW Randomizer (Mesh Element mode, use U and/or V offset 0 to 1) -> pipe to 1. Diffuse, 2. Displacement. Could also not repro any discrepancy in other slots.

Good Luck

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