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would be great to have maxscript command for the convert CScatter to max geometry operation


[Max] I need help! / Convert to max geometry by MaxScript?
« on: 2020-04-25, 18:02:53 »
would it be possible to perform "Convert to max geometry" operation by maxscript?

i need simple 3-steps script:
- convert all CScatters objects to max geometry
- delete all CScatters and distribution objects
- save scene (3dsmax 2017) and close 3dsmax

thank you in advance

when I try to run Interactive Render on big max files (2gb) and when autosave occurs - 3ds max may freeze for 10-20 minutes.
not able to cancel both IR and Autosave

Max 2020 and the latest Corona 4 build

there are two issues with the corona toolbar
1 - not possible to customize it - removed buttons coming back after max restart
2 - is there any way to assign hotkey on corona toolbar actions? cannot find macroscripts for it

I have HDRI as the environment to light my exterior scene, but I want to override reflections with the black colour.
everything is fine until I want to set some Glossiness to the Reflection - I'm starting to see Sun from the HDRI
Is there any way to get rid of it?

[Max] I need help! / Not able to cancel render
« on: 2018-09-30, 12:12:01 »
I'm experiencing VERY long Computing Sec. GI and it is not even possible to cancel render until it complete
No errors in the log, FTH disabled

[Max] I need help! / Apply CoronaAO to all materials
« on: 2018-09-16, 13:20:02 »
Is there any way to apply CoronaAO to the all material in the scene so I don't need to compose RenderElements

Would be great to control environment HDRI rotation directly in the viewport, so no need to open Material Editor each time

would it be possible to disable annoying windows 10 animation in the taskbar when DR running even if it is idle

click on the image for video

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Corona Camera Lister
« on: 2018-03-06, 14:32:28 »
would be great to have same tool for corona

could anyone help?


Would be great to have Aspect Ratio and Resolution options in the Corona Camera as well as Presets similar to the free script CameraResolutionMod

Is it possible to add and remove selected objects by the macroscript so no need to open render setting each time?

I always keep all my cameras locked in hidden layer but Automatic Vertical Tilt not working when the CoronaCamera is in the hidden layer

3dsmax 2014 + Corona 1.7 RC7

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